Toonly Pricing,Features and Offers 2020

What is Toonly?


what is toonly

The makers of Doodly came out with new explainer video software named Toonly. Toonly focuses more on animations. This is not whiteboard animation software like Doodly nor will you find an animation of hand, writing and drawing stuff on your screen.

Like Doodly, it is easy to use and does not require any coding. Creating videos in Toonly is just dragging and dropping things.  In this software, you can create videos with their library of pre-made people, objects, and music and preloaded people and scenes with inbuilt animation. These preloaded objects can be used to emphasize the points in your video.

If you do not find pre-loaded people and objects according to your project, then you can upload your own images. But remember one thing that animation cannot be added to your custom images.

Save your videos frequently as it does not have autosave option. 

Toonly Features

1. No technical skill required. Just select a background for your video, click and drag character on it and animate it and in this way, you can create amazing animated explainer video in minutes. 


drag and drop images


2. It offers higher-quality animations, 750 total characters, and 30 characters with 25 different poses each. In addition to this, you will get 50+ different background scenes and thousands of props almost covering every topic. 


750 characters props background images


3. It can be installed on multiple computers in a single subscription.


install on multiple pcs


4. You can record your own custom voiceover audio directly in Toonly and it will easily get synk to your Toonly video by a single click.


record your own voice    


5. Lots of royalty-free audio music tracks.


royalty-free music


6. Save and export unlimited high-quality animated explainer videos in various formats and sizes and you can share these videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and can publish it on your own website.

Regular updates on bigger and better features and more functionality. 


export images easily and regular software updates


7. Create the most engaging animated Toonly Videos for any Industry and Niche.


create animated videos for any industries and niche


How Does It Work?

Toonly is very easy to use which comes with these 4 steps


how toonly work?


  1. Select the background according to the type of video you want to make.    
  2. Then drag-and-drop the content likes images, animation, text, audio etc. as per your video type.    
  3. You can record a voiceover or pre-recorded audio to your animated video.
  4. Save and export video and share it across various platforms. 

Toonly Benefits

  • Easy to use and one can make explanatory animated videos in minutes without any tech skill. 
  • Huge library of pre-made elements mainly as images, audio tracks, background scenes, props etc.
  • As compared to other tools (except Doodly), it is less expensive.
  • Videos made from Toonly can be used in different ways. This can be used to create Landing Pages, Facebook ads, Video Sales Letters, etc.
  • 30-days money-back guarantee

Popular Uses Of Toonly

1. Create home pages and landing pages 


home pages and landing pages


2. Create a Facebook ad 


Facebook advertising


3. Explainer videos for Social Media


social media channels


4. Videos to promote sales 


toonly videos to promote sales


5. Clever animated explainer videos for Crowd Funding


explaner videos for crowd funding


6. Product pages – explainer videos for illustrating products’ benefits


toonly product pages


7. Presentation and Training videos, videos for email marketing


presentations and training videos


Toonly Pricing

Same as Doodly, it is also available in 2 plans either monthly or annually and both of which comes in Standard and Enterprise packages.

Monthly Plans:

Standard - $39 per month
Enterprise - $69 per month


toonly monthly pricing


Annual Plans:

Standard - $20 per month
Enterprise - $40 per month


toonly annual pricing


For more details, you can visit

It does not offer a free trial but if you are not satisfied with it then within 30 days of buying they will refund 100% of your money. For this, you can drop a mail to


toonly 30-days money back guarantee t