Why Is WordPress Better Than Manual Coding?

Why Is WordPress Better Than Manual Coding?

Are you thinking about creating a website? We are here to tell that penetration into the job is essential, or let’s say that you have landed on the right page to know about the number one way to do so. In this era of competition, innovation wins over hard work and complicated efforts. One of the significant attributions is formulated by the website creator.

In earlier days, people had to hire an expensive professional who skilled in the job of creating the desired website. The other way to get the deed one was to learn from scratch many computer languages; HTML is the most important of all. So, here in this article, we will shed light on the query which you searched for Why WordPress Is Better Than Manual Coding?

Why Is WordPress Better than Manual Coding?

WordPress is an open-source software/website and also a private hosting service, which is essentially a CMS. This Content Management System is fully graphical and is very effective when it comes to modify, design, or evaluate the performance of a website. WordPress can be used free for most of its services. However, the only paid part is mostly the maintenance and domain sustenance for your website. We will discuss everything in detail as we proceed further. In this outlook, we will learn the differences between the two - WordPress and HTML and these things will surely enhance your skills and help you to start a blog.

That being said, the emphasis upon WordPress over HTML should not be confused with the assumption that HTML underperforms. More than sixty per cent of the online world is created upon itself. It is one of the oldest and most sure ways of implementing and successfully launching a functional website. The influence is based on ease-of-usability and target user academia. Not everyone has a field of study relating to Computer Applications, but owning a website is not limited to those who can. It is rather who must have the desire to create an impact.

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Drawbacks of Manual Coding In Website Development

1. Investment of Time to Learn

Learning a computer language requires focus and passion for solving digital challenges. Not that problem solving is a derogatory aspect of improvement, but if you have time for it, it’s the most perfect. The main issue we come across 80 per cent of the participation is that clients complain that they do not have time to learn something out of the blue, knowing that the implementation of that learning can only be done after a reasonable amount of time spent practising. We encourage learning, and we value time too, so it is a matter of preference. Invest what you can, but gain whatever can be, with or without.

2. Paying Someone to Develop Website

Now assume you are a beginner to the whole website development arena, but you have to improve upon your business. You need to have a website, and this goes without saying. But in order to do so, you have to have a professional make it for you. Engineers and software developers spend a good amount of fees in colleges and time learning to deliver what you need. So, they charge a fortune which is justified, and you must pay if you can. However, this should not stop you if you do not have the hefty sum to pay along is what the intent is.

3. Tough Modification Process

When you code manually, you have an image in mind, and you follow along. To see it live, you have to procreate an environment where you can execute a program whenever you need to see it. With graphical interfaces, this is never a problem. Manually coding in its core steps is not particularly design-friendly, and the modern market is crazy about the design behind your service.

4. Long Hours Of Debugging

Human error is inevitable and natural. When you write a code, its program needs to be entirely devoid of any glitches, whatever the case. Typing manually - induces a lot of vacuum in which the code errors or bugs reside. These need to be eliminated in full. Such a process that checks on these bugs is called debugging. This can take anything between 10-25 hours, depending upon the size and precision of the code.

5. Pseudo Preview Performance

No real-time preview makes it exceptionally tough for the creator to see what they are putting out. And when the preview happens, it is of a false nature because to render a specific task, the program is not capable of deliberate details which need a peripheral perspective. So to assume in a code is something only an expert should do well.

6. No Customer Support

When you are writing a code, there is no one to tell you where you went wrong in case something unwanted occurs. Since money is involved, you wouldn’t waste any time or resources in starting from scratch since the area of fault is unclear. With the CMS, like WordPress, you get assistance all that you must in spite of the purpose or level of knowledge one carries.

Advantages of WordPress Website Creator In Website Development

  • Graphical Interface
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Cost-Effective
  • Effortless Modifications
  • Maintenance Support
  • Proper Preview and SEO
  • Grammarly Support
  • Plug-Ins Support
  • No Intermediary Involved

Hard-Coded Website vs WordPress | Tips on Efficiently Using WordPress

Okay, so to discuss, on a broad analogy, WordPress is HTML, just better. How? Since WordPress is written in PHP, which is the server-side hosting base. But upon receiving the request from the server, it converts all the data into HTML and the corresponding CSS to show you the results which were procured. So, the output is based on a similar foundation. Now, HTML can also be written on WordPress for some custom and quick manoeuvre in the content. Most big websites of the day have been written in HTML and assisting computer languages. HTML is in no way less than WordPress, or let’s say the two are not comparable.

The only comparison which can be delivered is in direct association with the target user. If the target user is an avid computer applications expert, there is no way HTML cannot provide which WordPress could. And even better and quicker results happen if one carries the knowledge in total, with all the resources. Besides, similar and desired results can be delivered by WordPress to the one who does not know the ABC of any computer language.


Here are some beautiful tips for notching up your WordPress game:

  • Curate your blog’s homepage to provide an interactive flow of action to the visitor/s.
  • Integrate google analytics to research, analyze and reflect on your website’s performance.
  • Optimize images/videos to make your website lighter and thence, load faster.
  • Filter comments to exercise your power on what you want your visitors to see.
  • Add SSL certificates to every site to maximize the security and trust of your customers.

Difference Between WordPresss.org and WordPress.com

WordPress.org is the website that comes into mind when we talk about WordPress in general. Mainly because it is free and available for use to everyone since it is an Open-Source Software. It is essential to know that WordPress.org’ is a self-hosting platform, and to run a functional website; you need to have a domain name and web hosting. With wordpress.org adding any or many plug-ins into the website is effortless as your site stays under your control, genuinely, unless it goes against any laws or community guidelines. The revenue you earn by implicating Google AdSense or other things need not be shared with any third-party organization or mediator service.

Wordpress.com is a private CMS owned by the co-founder of Wordpress.org itself. It goes under the maintenance of ‘Automattic’, a software development company. WordPress.com is free, but its usability is very minor. However, the paid versions are very effective and loaded with features, and it starts with as little as $50/year, but it goes up to other expensive premium packages as well.

One advantage is that the user does not have to worry about any update/maintenance ever. To bring an easy stretch upon the versus discussion, we would say for individual use, Wordpress.org is your place to go. Although businesses can also use Wordpress.org, many aspects of premium go missing when we are talking about a big company/organization. For much more extensive purposes and use, Wordpress.com should be put into use.


So, as it must be apparent that both HTML and WordPress are powerful, and the comparison is solely based on preferences. Our main aim of delivery via this article on -Why WordPress Is Better Than Manual Coding was to segregate the confusions step by step and then to solve them thoroughly. Starting a website can be hectic, especially on the mind, and we know exactly how to and where to obtain the best results. And in order to help you so, we invite you to ask, converse or share whatever your mind feels stuck on relating to the website- development—looking forward to aiding so as to make the online world a safer, easier place to be in.