8 Reasons Why Teens Quit School

8 Reasons Why Teens Quit School

Schools are the place where education is imparted to kids and teens. Parents understand that the academic performance of their teen is going to tell where their career graph is heading. However, at times it is observed that teens are struggling to cope up with educational stress at school.

Adolescence is an integral segment of life as your teen is at the threshold of adulthood. As a parent, the thinking of your teen dropping out of school may be your worst nightmare! If you as parents are worried that you may drop out of school soon then this article is a must-read to address your worry.

Here is a listing of some of the causes to the query why do teens drop out of school:

1. Lack of Interest

It is normally determined that each and every type of school has some of these students who refuse to exhibit any interest in the topics being taught. It is not like those teens who do not try. They try to attempt but only when they are forced to do, but we know nothing works for long especially when it is pressurized. Interest comes from inside.

The solution in such a situation is to timely change subjects/topics according to the interest of the teens. Otherwise, teens might choose the subjects of their own interests which might be disastrous.

2. Facing Failure Again and Again

Another reason is when some teenagers fail repeatedly, be it in routine test or semester examinations. This failure leads to a lack of self- confidence/assurance in them. Sometimes the wrong choice of subjects may be the reason however irrespective of the kind of reason when failure persists, it starts breaking self-confidence. Soon teenagers start losing interest in studies and become habitual of failure. In spite of facing this failure teens accept this failure as their destiny which is a matter of concern.

This is the time when these school students choose the option for going the different way and they decide to do whatever suits them.

3. Substance Abuse and/or Criminal Activities

This is also one of the reasons due to which teens quit school. There are many wrong things available to distract teens. Teens may not be properly conscious of these wrong sides present around them. They get interested through the shining of fake lifestyles offered to them by these wrong channels. But every short-cut taken to get all these fanciful matters is a step forward toward criminal activities and most of the times they get caught into the web unknowingly. Once caught in such webs it becomes almost impossible to get out of it.

Sometimes because of involvement in such activities teens start the consumption of illicit drugs or alcohol. However, style can be another reason for which teens start the consumption of such substances. This all leaves school and studies far behind in life.

4. Economic Hardships

Poverty forces a lot of teenagers to drop out of school especially in developing and poor countries. The helplessness to pay the school fee can be one such reason. Financial compulsions may pressure them to stop studying and take up jobs to help their family. They could be found working in some retail outlets and it is not possible for them to adjust six to seven hours of schooling. It turns into their capability to let go off schooling.

5. Bullying

Sometimes teens don’t share their emotions and struggle with parents or teachers about the mischievous behaviour of peers. This is the time when parents need to communicate and step into to take action. Problem is that in most of the cases teens who are bullied don’t dare to face the problem with the help of teachers and parents but decide to quit school.

6. Family Problems and Violence

Sometimes teens might be facing family problems like violence and divorce of parents. It becomes so hard to keep concentration in school and studies for teens that belong to divided and damaged families.

Some other hard conditions of families can also spoil the schooling of teens like taking care of sick family member individually. Taking leave for a few days to take care of family members like ill mom, dad or grandfather can be adjusted but sometimes this leave escalates into a few weeks and goes on to emerge as months. Before it is realized that the one week left has turned into a semester and then returning is almost impossible.

7. Sexual Abuse/Pregnancy

Sometimes teens face sexual molestation by teachers or seniors. It may be difficult for the sufferer to talk about this with others. 

On the other hand, sometimes their own mistakes can lead teens to destroy their studies. In this age because of physical, mental and hormonal changes teens try to make experiment with their physical intimacy which leads to being pregnant. Such incidents might make them stop studies.

8. The Distraction of Other Different Opportunities

Many opportunities like marketing, modelling and reality shows distract teens from their real path. The teenagers from schools/colleges go for auditions. It is not wrong if a teen wants to participate in such activities. But one to two given chances for these activities is sufficient. However, in many cases teens find it as a new way to get rid of schooling. It is again up to parents to get involved in such cases and guide their teens to get back on track of schooling when teens are not getting chance in such opportunities. 

There is no doubt that it upsets when a country’s youth skips on schooling or refrains from it. Many teenagers are quitting schools and these numbers are increasing day by day. There may be different reasons for all of them, some quit school voluntarily whilst others quit because of circumstances. The reason could be any the mere reality is that many of the teenagers are not completing their schooling. Constant supervision of parents is must for teenagers as this is an important time for the teenagers.