Why Do I Look Skinny In The Morning

Why Do I Look Skinny In The Morning

Whenever I wake up in the morning and look at the mirror, I used to ask myself why do I look skinny in the morning. I researched the major contributing factors and enlisted them below to help you know the same.

There are some days when you feel lighter and slimmer in the morning as compared to other days. And, you might be curious to know how your body shapes changes throughout the night. So, without delaying any further, let's learn about the factors in detail.

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Why Do We Look Slimmer In The Morning?

Some of the major reasons that contribute to a slimmer appearance in the morning include:

Overnight Water Loss

It is one of the significant components that make our body look slimmer and thinner in the morning. It has been found out that the 80% fat you lose during the night is the water weight. Your body eliminates it through respiration, skin, and other bodily functions such as blood flow, not including urine. It is another contributing factor to losing water weight that leads to a leaner shape.

It also depends on the kind of meals you ate last day. If you consume meals high in carbohydrates and unhealthy fats, you will retain more water. These foods tend to contribute to a heavy stomach feeling, and in turn, your body looks bigger in the morning.

However, if you consume a diet rich in proteins and lean fat, then you will lose more water weight from your body.

Multi Hour Fasting

When you go to sleep, you cut off your food intake, including macronutrients such as carbs, proteins, and micronutrients. You do 8 hours of fasting. So, when you fall asleep, your body burns all those calories you consumed the whole day. And as a result, food is expelled and converted to waste through bodily processes like perspiration, respiration, and urination.

The body uses fat and muscle to regulate your bodily functions and keep your body active. In this way, most of your food is digested, and the following day you see a slimmer and leaner shape.

A study was also conducted on two groups of obese people, and it was found out that the group who slept for about 5 hours lost 25% of their weight connected to their fat. However, the other obese group that slept for about 8 hours lost 50% of their weight attributed to fat.

 It shows that your sleep mechanism is related to your body's metabolism levels. So, less sleep will reduce the metabolism level, and your body will eliminate muscle mass instead of fat. That's why most people prefer waking up early and engaging in strenuous exercises. It is because your body has eliminated all the calories you ate last day, so it is in a more active state, and you will reduce more calories compared to later in the day.

Increase In Height Overnight

When you are lying down and fall asleep, the discs in your spine separate marginally. As a result, your height appears to have increased slightly in the morning.

If your height rises in the morning, even a little bit, then your weight spreads out over the entire body surface area, and you look leaner.

Sodium Intake Throughout The Day

If you consume a meal high in sodium content, then your body may retain more water. It makes your body look heavier and bloated the entire day. But, you don't have to be worried by thinking that you are gaining any extra pounds. It is a temporary process, and your body will eliminate this water weight during the night.

However, it also depends on the ratio of your water and sodium intake. If you consume an appropriate amount of water sufficient to flush out the salt intake, you will look slimmer in the morning.

But if your salt intake is more than the water you consumed, it makes you look bloated. The more sodium we consume, the more water is required to maintain the balance of body cells.

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Hormonal Changes

If you are a woman, you might know the sudden fluctuations in our body weight and the appearance of heavy body shape in the morning. One of the significant factors to these temporary changes in our hormones. It is basically a chemical messenger in the body, and over or underproduction of these substances contributes to alteration in distinct bodily functions.

Some of the major causes of these hormonal changes are especially around menstruation or can be due to PMS or thyroid. So, you might feel some days you look thinner in the morning, but other days you look heavier due to hormonal changes.


So, now you might have got the answer about why do you look skinny in the morning. As we have learned above, the major contributing factors are the type of food we consume and sodium and fluid intake throughout the day.

Besides, sufficient sleep also plays an essential role in burning calories from the body. So, if you sleep properly, eat a healthy balanced diet and drink an adequate amount of fluids, you will look slimmer in the morning.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why do I look skinny in the morning but fat at night?

It is because the food we consume during the day gets digested once we are asleep. You are not eating anything overnight, so your body gets enough time to digest and eliminate food from your body. It leads you to see a slimmer shape in the morning.


2. Why do my legs look skinny in the morning?

It is due to the increase in height when you wake up in the morning. And, over the day, the process of walking brings them back together to your actual height.


3. How to get morning skinny?

Some of the tips you can follow for this are avoiding late-night binging, eating a balanced diet, avoiding high carbs, and sleeping on time.


4. Why do I look fatter at night?

It could be due to any change in your food intake levels, such as an increased fibre intake, that causes bloating. Even engaging in heavy workouts causes a heavier appearance because of the swelling due to micro-tears in the muscles.


5. Why do I look fat one day and skinny the next?

It is because of the diet you consume; if you eat healthy foods in a day, you will see a slimmer shape. But, if you consume high-fat meals, then you will feel heavier the next day.