What To Do When Your Husband Ignores You?

What To Do When Your Husband Ignores You?

Women are usually more emotional than men. Some men are not very good about making conversations; some men do not like to talk much if so, there is nothing to worry about it. If your husband does not try to find out how you are, he is not worried about you and he is not sharing anything with you, this means that he is trying to avoid you. In such a situation you are not with each other even though you are living together. There is no charm in your married life and your relationship has faded. It makes you feel ignored, depressed and neglected.

When you sense that your husband pays more attention to inanimate objects than you, we will try to know that why your husband is aloof when he’s with you or doesn’t pay attention to your needs.

In this article, we will try to find some reasons - ‘why your husband could be ignoring you?’

  • Why A Husband Ignores Wife? Possible Reasons
  • What To Do?
  • What Not To Do?

Why A Husband Ignores Wife? Possible Reasons:

Before you can tackle this issue you need to know why he is ignoring you. Here are a few reasons why your husband could be ignoring you.

1. Communication Issues

As we have already said that often men speak less and the wife feels neglected due to a lack of healthy communication. For example, if there is an argument in husband and wife and the wife knowingly or unknowingly uses harsh words every time, then the husband gets hurt every time.  After some time he tries to avoid such disputes and this makes a big difference in the relationship and harms the relationship.

2. Friends Are Given More Priority

Sometimes the husband spends more time with his friends, the time he can spend with you, which can make you feel neglected. In some cases, he does not intend to ignore you but in some cases, you might be deliberately ignored by your husband because the husband wants to spend more time with friends and not with you.

3. When You Keep Finding Faults

Disagreements and arguments are common in every married couple, whether new or old, because the thinking of two individuals can’t be the same always. Sometimes intentionally or unintentionally you end the discussion by blaming your husband or telling his faults in the end. In such a situation, if you do not realize your mistake and you do not even apologize, then you may have a conflict with your husband. If this is always the case, then your husband refrains from making any argument with you, which makes you feel that he is ignoring you.

4. Sexual Life Is Not On Track

If your relationship does not have physical intimacy then your life becomes boring. Whether you are newly married or married for years, physical intimacy plays an important role in your relationship. If you and your partner are no longer interested in sex and you are not able to enjoy it with each other, then surely it is a matter of concern. This can make your partner search for other ways and ignore you. So instead of ignoring each other, you should talk about this matter among yourself and try to find a solution.

5. He Could Be Stressed Out

There are various reasons for stress in life like financial, family, jobs, or anything else. It is possible that some of these reasons are affecting your husband adversely and he does not want to talk to you about it so that you are not disturbed. Under this pressure, he is not able to spend time with you as he used to do earlier and you understand that he is ignoring you.

6. He Might Be Cheating On You

If your husband likes someone else, this could also be a reason for him to ignore you. Infidelity or an extramarital affair is also a possible reason that can increase the distance between you and your husband. But it is wrong to make any conclusion unless and until you have proof of this. Maybe what you are thinking is wrong.

What To Do When Husband Ignores You?

It’s difficult when you are wondering why your husband ignores you, especially when you don’t know how to fix it. If you feel that your husband is ignoring you, then you have to pay special attention to some important things.

1. Don’t Ignore Back

If your husband ignores you, then you should not ignore him in return. This is a very natural thing and each would want to teach the other a lesson. Unfortunately, no one gains from such "lessons.” Do not mind if you try to talk to him and he does not answer you well, rather give him some time and space. Perhaps, he's processing something in his mind. After some time or the next day, approach him again. But remember, you have to be sensible and calm. It can also happen that you have to try this again and again but you don’t give up.

2. Try To Be Kind And Positive

When he ignores you, you have to be kind and positive with him, regardless of his negative attitude towards you. Your man knows well that he is deliberately treating you in a negative and cold attitude; but when he notices that you still try to keep positive whether you are around him or not, sooner or later he will give more attention and appreciation to you. A good way to react to his silent treatment is to remain kind and stay positive.

Try to do something for him without expecting anything in return. Accept the fact that sometimes he feels kind of dull and tired in the marriage when something outside the marriage bothers him; in this situation, you may try to show kindness to him as much as possible. 

3. Find Out Time For Discussion

Couples who talk to each other on every subject have a strong relationship. You see “couples that talk together, stay together” If you feel that your husband is ignoring you, then try to talk to him according to his time. Often men do not discuss outside problems at home because he doesn't want to see his wife in worry.  And if you understand this and ask your husband about his problems, then maybe he starts sharing with you. But for this, you have to be patient and find out his time for discussion.

4. Meet His Secret Needs

If you feel that your husband is ignoring you, then you may not understand some of his secret needs. Usually, men do not express their feelings. In a marriage, there exists something (e.g. respect, affection, love, admiration, and appreciation) that a husband secretly wants his woman to give or show him voluntarily. Try to think about whether there is something that he wishes to get or earn from you.

5. Pay Attention To The Things He Complains About Most In The House

Do not always ignore your husband's complaints because maybe this is why he started ignoring you too. You cannot discover your husband's love language unless you pay attention to his complaints. Instead of teasing or calling them rude demands, why not take a serious look at them and see how they can be met?

6. Make Every Effort To Look Good

You should also try to look attractive so that your husband does not look outside. It doesn't matter how old you are or how many years you have been married. How you look and how you dress depends on you, so always stay up to date with the fashion that suits you. So, freshen up and make yourself irresistible for him. This one try can also help you if your husband ignores you.

7. Make Your Bedroom Lively

Now we would like to tell you clearly that after all respects and care, sex is the greatest need of your husband. This is one thing he probably may constantly feel he hasn't gotten enough of. If it has become your habit to deny him of this need constantly, then probably he too has no choice but to ignore you. As it goes, disaffection springs up between husbands and wives when there are unmet expectations in the bedroom. In this case, you, at least try to know what your husband wants from you and try to fulfil it. Sex between a man and a woman in marriage is more than the physical act. So, end your unnecessary denials and make your bedroom alive. Your bedroom should be a place of relief for your husband where he yearns to come.

What Not To Do When Your Husband Ignores You?

Sometimes your words and actions can worsen the situation between you and your husband even if your intention is not wrong. You may be feeling so hurt, you want your husband to feel hurt too-but don't give in to the temptation of getting even.

1. Do Not Throw Past On His Face

It is always wrong to bring your husband's past between today's disputes. Dredging up the past isn’t the right route to punish him for making you feel ignored. Just focus on letting the past go and moving forward positively.

2. Do Not Interrupt Him While He’s Talking

It's really hard to open men, but when they start a conversation, they enjoy it and if you stop them in the middle, then it may be that they can retreat again and your attempt will fail. Men are really case sensitive when it comes to being interrupting. So, the best option is to let him speak, and only intervene if you sense that he is about to stop.

3. Do Not Force Him To Open Up

When your husband ignores you, you have to be very restrained. If you ask him to talk to you open again and again, he may be even more irritated with you and will ignore you more. Although it is important to remind both him and yourself why you are fighting for your marriage, allow him to do the same in his own time. Forcing him to open up will only push him away.

4. Do Not Argue

Whenever you talk to your husband on this issue, do not raise your voice and do not argue. By doing this, those results can be revealed that you don’t want. Do your best to communicate with your husband about your feelings. A lot of conflict in marriage is a result of a misunderstanding, often produced by miscommunication. So, trust there is hope until you've genuinely tried every available option.

5. Do Not Disrespect

“Men can always have their say, but smart women would always have their way.” Marriage is not to compete or disrespect each other, where each person understands their role. Make him feel like he is in charge and truth be told, he (not you) should be in charge. You will not always agree with him, but you have to present your points giving him full respect. Every time, if a wife is disrespected her husband; the husband might ignore the wife.

There can be many reasons why he ignores you; you need to exactly figure out what the situation is, and then you can take more targeted measures to stop his silent treatment.