What Is Keto Diet?

What Is Keto Diet?

If Not Followed Properly, Keto Diet Is Dangerous

To keep yourself fit, to become lean, people follow a variety of diets. One of them is the Keto Diet. A few years ago, its trend grew rapidly, but then gradually people started to find it risky.  This is because if there is a slight mistake in following it, it can prove to be dangerous. However, many celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha, Alia Bhatt, Arjun Kapoor lost their weight fast with this diet.

How Does Keto Diet Work?

A Ketogenic or Keto Diet is a high-fat diet. It is believed that by eating more carbohydrate-rich food, glucose and insulin are produced in the body, due to which fat starts accumulating in the body. While carbohydrate intake is reduced in the keto diet, it produces ketone in the liver, which reduces fat. Along with this, energy is taken for the body from fat in this diet, so fat is consumed more. High amounts of fat, medium amounts of protein and low carbohydrates are consumed in this diet.

This means that a standard Keto Diet should contain 70 per cent fat, 25 per cent protein and 5 per cent carbohydrates. If you follow it correctly, weight losses rapidly, but if the ratio of fat, protein and carb in the diet deteriorates, then it will become harmful for the body and it is very difficult for the common people to follow its ratio correctly. They mess it up and then have to suffer heavy losses. Even kidney failure and heart disease can occur.

Don’t Follow This Diet For More Than A Month

This diet will be effective only if it is followed for only one month. This is because the Ketos that form in your body, they all start accumulating in your liver, which is dangerous. This increases the risk of liver or kidney failure. If you follow this diet for more than a month, it means that you consume more fat, low carbohydrate, due to which the glucose level of the body is greatly reduced. Glucose is very important for the body. Glucose is also important for the brain. Blood sugar level changes as it decreases. Blood Pressure level increases.

Food To Eat In Keto Diet

In Keto Diet, you can eat both veg and non-veg. Such as chicken, mutton, fish, egg to leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, and cauliflower. Apart from this, fatty food like cheese, butter, cream, high-fat salad is beneficial.

Food To Avoid In Keto Diet

Don’t eat grains in it. Also, avoid sugary foods. Fruits like apple, banana, and orange; in short, all fruits should be avoided but can eat strawberries in a very small amount. Vegetables like Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots etc. should be avoided strictly because it contains more carbohydrates.  

Don’t Start With Half-Baked Information

Recently, actress Misty Mukherjee died due to kidney failure. It is being said that she was following the Keto Diet. If you too follow this diet or are thinking of doing it, so do consult a doctor about this. Some people start keto dieting with incomplete information from YouTube and the Internet. In this way, the body may lack many nutrients and fat is increasing which can also be the cause of heart diseases. Don’t make such a mistake at all.

Who Needs A Keto Diet?

It is beneficial for epilepsy patients. Apart from this, those who want to control weight can follow it after consulting the experts. People usually take more carbohydrates in their diet. In cases of epilepsy, the carbohydrate present in the body may accelerate seizures. Therefore, with the help of this diet, epilepsy patients are treated by increasing the fat by reducing the carb.

What Are The Benefits Of This Diet?

  • It keeps away from the problem of sleeplessness and mental disorder.
  • Loses weight fast, just follow everything with the advice of experts.
  • Due to the good amount of fat in it, the skin remains smooth and shiny.