10 Ways to Treat Yourself If You Are COVID 19 Positive

10 Ways to Treat Yourself If You Are COVID 19 Positive

These coronavirus outbreaks have negatively affected the lives of many individuals. Millions of individuals have been infected by this virus, and because of this, most of them are sickened or died as a result of the outbreak of this disease. When you suffer from flu or any viral infection, it may progressively lead to pneumonia. 

It’s important to take major steps like a strict cleaning routine, wearing masks, keeping social distance, and many other things to completely eradicate these deadly diseases. COVID 19 always comes with a risk of severe illness, hospitalization, and death. 

We must take steps to avoid contracting and transmitting the disease. You need to make sure that you are completely vaccinated and that you are following all recommended safety guidelines.

We are all versed with COVID-19 symptoms, but many individuals must know and understand the path they should rely on, which could lead to their recovery after those symptoms start. Now we have a better understanding of COVID 19 and all its variants and how best to treat the disease. 

94% of people don’t require any hospitalization, and they can cure themselves at home in an isolated manner. While you are resting in isolation, you need to monitor your symptoms and seek medical attention if you develop any complications later on.  

If you have tested positive, then you need to go for isolation; you need to remember that COVID-19 spreads between people in close contact. According to the center for disease control and prevention, being isolated keeps someone who is sick or tested positive for COVID-19 without symptoms away from others. 

How Long Should You Stay In isolation?

If you are sick, then CDC recommends you to stay in a home isolation unit if you fulfill all these 3 conditions-

•    At least 10 days from the day your 1st symptom has appeared
•    Symptoms have improved
•    Min 24 hrs with no fever without fever-reducing medication

If you have tested COVID-19 positive and you don’t have any symptoms then stay at home at least for 10 days since your COVID-19 positive test. 

10 Key Ways To Help Yourself At Home If You Are COVID Positive

1. Try to sleep and rest as much as possible- Due to COVID-19 you may feel weak and tired for a while, but don’t worry it's normal. Your energy will return over time, and for this, you just need to take rest and sleep.

2. Drink plenty of water and other caffeine-free fluids- drinking plenty of water, and all other fluids help to keep your urine light yellow and clear. If you have any disease related to the heart, kidney, and liver, then you have to limit your fluid intake. Try to consult a physician who will guide you on the number of fluids you should consume.

3. Keep track of your symptoms- you need to keep track of all those symptoms which arise during this infection, especially fever, cold, difficulty breathing, and loss of taste and smell.

4. Wash your hands often- always wash your hand with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer, which has 60% of alcohol. Make sure that you always wash your hand after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. In this way, you can avoid the further spread of infection within your body.

5. Avoid contact with people and pets- always avoid this and try to maintain at-least 6-feet of social distancing and wear a face mask when you are around others. Try to avoid spending time and sleeping with others. If possible, try to use different bathrooms.

6. Follow the care instruction from your health care provider- your local healthcare units might give you some instructions to follow. They might have given you instructions by checking your instruction and reporting information. Do follow them for early recovery.

7. Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces in your household- you need to clean and disinfect the surfaces which have a high frequency of touch ability, like doorknobs, tablets, light switches, touch screens, mobiles, and sinks. 

8. Follow your medication prescriptions precisely- you can have Acetaminophen and ibuprofen, which can control fever and ease the body aches. If you have a severe cough, then opt for cough medicines so that you can rest better.

9. Tell your close friends and relatives that you have been exposed to COVID-19 – make sure that all your close friends and relatives are aware of your current condition. If you are COVID-19 positive, then there is a chance that you can spread the symptoms within 48 hours. This will avoid their contact of them with you and make you have to isolate yourself until your recovery.

10. Don’t share beddings, towels, or dishes- wash all those utensils and the clothes you use with hot water to kill all those disease-causing pathogens? If possible, try to sit in the streaming bathroom. This steam water can help you loosen the phlegm and other secretions. The use of a humidifier can also be beneficial for you.