11 Effective Ways To Strengthen Relationships

11 Effective Ways To Strengthen Relationships

The most important part of our life is "our relationships", whether you have got that relationship or whether you have made it. Some relationships remain connected by birth and some relationships we form ourselves. Like life, there are ups and downs in our relationships that make us feel happy and sad. These relationships help to make our life easy and successful.

In today's era, most of the relationships are stuck in "Like and Comment". Due to lack of time, people nowadays stay in touch with each other through social media. But sometimes the relationships actually need your time too. A poet has said about this, “Even very silent relationships do not live long."

What Is A Relationship?

It is difficult to define any relationship in words, but it is a pleasant feeling that every person wants to achieve. Good relationships in life prolong our happiness and shorten sorrows.

Whatever the relationship, husband or wife, parents, siblings, friends or any other relationship, every relationship is unique in itself. These relationships connect us to each other and make us feel safe. If there are mutual understanding and balance in the relationships, then the relationships will be healthy, strong and filled with happiness.

Effective Ways To Strengthen Relationships

Life is incomplete without relationships. No matter what the relationship is, if the foundation of that relationship is strong, then that relationship will never be affected. If you want to make your relationship strong and happy, then it is important to take care of some important things. By taking care of these small but very important things, you can lead a happy life and bring sweetness to every relationship.

1. Better Understanding

It is very important to have an understanding of every relationship. In most relationships, the main reason for bitterness is not to understand or try to understand what is in front. Suppose if you have a very deep relationship with someone and that person is very important in your life, and then you should be a better understanding of them.

No one is perfect; there are some positive and some negative things in them. If you include both these things in your understanding, then your relationship with that person will be better and stronger.

2. Keep The Relationship With Heart, Not With Mind

Whether the relationship is of family, of love, of friendship, it should always be maintained from the heart. In order to strengthen the important relationship of life, it is necessary to keep the relationship from the heart and not from the mind, because often the relationship formed by the heart is without any selfishness. The relationship which is without any selfishness, the same relationship is happy and good.

Relationships formed through mind do not last for long or you can say that when you form a relationship with someone for a particular purpose, then that relationship is only for selfishness. When your work is over, the relationship ends. Such relationships are forceful relationships.

3. Don’t Bring Money In Between

If the relationship is considered on the basis of money, then such relationships do not have sweetness and such relationships cannot last long. Relationships in which money comes in between, those relationships are not the relationship of hearts. In such a relationship, instead of sharing each other's happiness and sorrow, all the attention is only on money.

4. Don't Think About Profit And Loss

Profit or loss is in business, not in relationship and relationship is not business. Maintaining relationships that benefit and eliminating those that harm them is absolutely wrong. Relationships connect with emotions; they are partners of happiness and sorrow. Remember, Only relationships will support you in happiness and sorrow, no money or any other stuff will work.

If you compare the relationship with money then detachment can come between your relationships.    

5. Have Faith

The foundation of every strong relationship is trust. Whatever the relationship is, if there is trust on each other, the relationship will remain unbreakable. But if there are doubt and mistrust in any relationship, it will not take long for even the strongest to disintegrate.

That is why for a strong relationship you have to build trust on each other and also win their trust.

6. Admit Your Mistakes

Even monkeys fall from trees. If you have respect for the relationship, then accept your mistakes and apologize from the heart and promise not to repeat again. By doing this, your relationship will definitely become stronger.

By accepting your mistake, you will not become small; rather the faith of the person in you will increase further.

7. Listen Carefully To Others

The basis of any relationship is interaction. Just as, you want to tell your stuff to others, in the same way, the person in front is eager to tell you his stuff. If you don’t listen to someone or don’t show interest in their talk, then the coldness starts coming in your relationship.

By listening carefully to others and giving importance to them, your relationship will be strengthened and you will also be able to know their feelings towards you.

8. Keep Transparency

Relationships are there to share the mind, to double happiness, to share sorrow and to get along in trouble. When the relationship is not openly expressed or things are hidden then there is doubt and dissatisfaction in the relationship which can be harmful to your relationship.

That is why share whatever is in your heart and keep transparency in the relationships.

9. Don't Have High Expectations

Every person has some hope from their family, children, friends and relatives. It is okay to have some degree of expectation in every relationship, but when these expectations increase, it often causes trouble.

When someone does what we want according to our expectations, then we are happy but when someone doesn’t do what we want, we get sad. It is not necessary for every relationship that the person in front of you always agrees with you. If you want to strengthen the relationship, do not have high expectations from anyone.

10. It Is Also Necessary To Give Some Time

Any relationship needs some together time too. By spending some time together, you will be able to tell them what their importance is in your life. How much they mean to you in your life.

11. Don’t Bring Ego

Relationships that you do not want to lose can break due to your ego. Sometimes you may have to bend a bit to keep the relationships going. By doing this you do not become small but your respect will increase and your relationship will be happy and strong.

A Gyani Pandit has said, "It is important to have a relationship in life, but it is more important to have lived in that relationship."