8 Creative Ways to Enhance Your Exercise Time If You're Falling Short

8 Creative Ways to Enhance Your Exercise Time If You're Falling Short

Time is a relative concept, and we can never have enough of it. Even a simple and short exercise session requires a significant amount of time to fit into your busy schedule. Not everyone has a few hours a day to spend in the gym or any fitness club. Many people have long workdays, busy routines, household responsibilities, and errands that take up much of their time. 

However, it doesn't mean you'll have to compromise with an active and fit lifestyle. It's okay if you can't go to the gym, but there are a few exercises that you need to incorporate with your lifestyle, and that would be enough for you.

When you were a kid, you used to play the whole day and move your body without even thinking about exercising. If, as an adult, you need to think thrice about whether to perform an exercise, then it's time to look for some fun ways to stay active. 

It is recommended that an adult should have around 150 to 300 minutes of physical activity in a week, which comes to around 20 to 30 minutes a day. People are not able to get these 30 minutes due to their busy routines. 

That's why here are some creative ways that you can easily adapt to your lifestyle to make a significant change in your physical health and activity.

1. From Your Desk:

While you are sitting with full comfort on your desk and under a fan, you can still do some stretching exercises. You can do neck stretches and legs and hand stretches and circles. This is a good way to be physically active and release stress.

Keep your chest and body straight, and then bend your neck to the left and then on the right side; also, do the same on the front and back sides. You can also make circular movements by rotating your head in all directions.

To perform the hands and legs stretches, just keep your back straight, and then lift one of your feet up and hold it for a few seconds. Do the same for the other feet as well. To do the hand exercise, stretch out your hands and then rotate your palms and wrist in a circular motion.

These exercises will keep you active and refreshed in the office.

2. Lunchtime Walk:

Whether you are at home or the office, if you don't have any daily exercise routine, then it is recommended for you to walk for 10 minutes before and after having your lunch. You can skip the lift and take the stairs, or you can even walk in the corridor or your balcony for a few minutes before lunch. This will not only keep you active but also increase your metabolism.

3. Ditch The Car:

While ditching your car or bike seems to be filled with laziness, it's actually good for your physical health. Spend less time looking for a nearby parking space and more time walking to your destination. It will undoubtedly not make any significant impact but will add up to your exercise.

4. Frisbee:

Frisbees are a good way to stay active and have fun at the same time. While having fun with your kids, siblings or even your friends, count how many times you can throw a frisbee without dropping it and thus work out while you play.

5. Housework:

Everyone has some household work, and it is really a very good way to burn calories. Rather than hiring a maid to perform your household work, try to do some household work by yourself and get some physical benefits out of it. Sweeping the house, vacuuming, washing clothes, and even the bike and car are some exercises that can be completed in a short duration. This will also save you money.

6. Take Advantage Of Technology:

One of the easiest ways to remind yourself about the short exercise sessions is to set up alarms and reminders. Additionally, you can schedule exercise routines in your smartwatch and smartphones to keep track of your goal. This is very beneficial when you are easily distracted by your day-to-day activities.

7. Squats And Pushups:

You can do squats and pushups at home when you are free. These exercises don't require much time or even place. These two exercises enable you to stay fit and strong by building muscles even without going to the gym. This will strengthen your core muscles and make you stronger. You can also try different types of pushups and squats to increase your fitness levels.

8. Yoga:

Try yoga to stay fit, calm and healthy. Yoga is an excellent exercise to stay fit when you don't have enough time to go to the gym. It will help you to stay calm and stressed and keep you in shape.

Exercise is an essential part of our day-to-day lives, and even if one doesn't have sufficient time to visit a fitness centre, he can adopt these habits to his lifestyle to stay fit.