VYOND – Features and Reviews

VYOND – Features and Reviews

Vyond's online animation software allows people of all skill levels across all industries and job roles to create dynamic and powerful media. With features of moving text and images, you can also create character-driven stories or create compelling data visualizations that will help engage the audience and deliver results.

Vyond Features

Vyond features

1. Start with Prebuilt Templates

Start using it easily with its prebuilt templates. Its wide library covers an extensive range of industries and scenarios so you make sure to find something to suit your requirements. Now add voice and music by customizing them with characters, colours and text - and you've created your first video. 

2. Use Drag and Drop to Explain More    

With drag-and-drop controls and a full collection of features like character lip-sync and a library of royalty-free music, everything is possible. If you need to educate your employees on a new product or recognizing the tenure of an employee or a quick tutorial for your help desk or about something to make your social media content catchy, one can make it faster and easier with the help of the tools of Vyond. 

3. Communicate Through Your Ideas

Either you use the template of the Vyond or create your own. By adding dynamic charts, graphs and transitions, you are ready to communicate your idea with the world. Inspire your team for any situation, irrespective of size or industry, for better communication.

Why Vyond?

why vyond

  • From specific jobs and workplaces to casual environments, Vyond lets you make characters to fit any context. With modern casual settings and whiteboard animations, Vyond gives you hundreds of combinations to address your employees around the world.
  • Create MP4 or animated GIFs for social media with one click in Vyond and host them where you like them or import them into other platforms such as Storyline or Captivate.
  • Vyond allows more control and transparency over your communication costs with its pricing and flexible plans, saving your money and time.

Vyond Can Be Used For:

vyond uses

1. For Training And eLearning

Use active storytelling; engage your learners in a truly captivating way by replicating and optimizing content, and improving learning outcomes with more visual communication.

2. For Marketing

Vyond flexible platform helps you easily combine video into your campaigns to improve your marketing results. Create content that motivates your viewers to take action.

3. For Human Resources

Video is the most attractive form of any content. When delivering important information, you can keep your employees in captivity with a video - which gets results. Accelerate adoption, engagement and productivity in the organization by improving company-wide collaboration, communication and culture through video.

4. For Enterprise

It is a solution for large regional and global organizations that combines the best of creating a video, managing user access and permissions, and act in accordance with your organization's security and brand guidelines in a simple-to-manage package.

5. Everyone

Vyond's platform and plan flexibility are for everyone, from small-business to consultants to university teachers. This tool is easy to use for everyone. Don’t pay thousands for a video when you can create unlimited videos with the Vyond. 

6. And For Everything Else

From enabling sales to compliance, make videos suited to your business needs and help you reach your objectives. With a full collection of customizable templates, you can create a video in a few minutes.

Vyond Pricing

Available in 2 plans either monthly or annually and both of which comes in Essential, Premium, Professional and packages.

For more info, please visit - https://www.vyond.com/plans/