6 Simple Things You Can Do In This Difficult Time

6 Simple Things You Can Do In This Difficult Time

Corona, lockdown, fear of death. All these things have caused the greatest financial problems in the last few months. Many believe that it didn’t make any difference to the rich and the government is helping the poor. Who has affected the most is the middle-class person, who is neither in a position to begging like beggars nor can eat a few months sitting at home like a rich person. Home loan instalment, medical insurance instalment, children's school fees, grocery, petrol, phone bill, electricity bill, gas, medicines for elderly people in the house… etc. It was very difficult in the last few months to bear all these expenses every month.

In the first few months, a person spent their savings on household expenses, but now it has been a long time and still, the situation has not improved. Someone’s job is gone, someone's salary is halved. Businesses are also stalled. In such a situation, it is better to take care of yourself and face these situations with a little understanding.

One more thing is to take this whole matter as a lesson and adopt some good habits for the future.

1. Get Used To Saving 

Save a quarter of your salary and keep it aside. Looking at the remaining 75%, think that your salary is this much and you have to manage all expenses from this. If 25% is not possible, then at least some, but keep some part of salary separately. By doing this you will be able to save some that if such a situation comes again, at least 5 months you can manage the things.

Also, make the piggy bank. This is necessary not only for children but also for elders. Keep adding money to it. This method of saving is quite effective.

2. Control On Unnecessary Expenses

Often we see some advertisements while browsing any social site. We go to those shopping sites and buy some new clothes or other things when not needed. For example, sometimes you like a beautiful dress, sometimes a necklace or something else; we buy immediately thinking that I will wear it whenever we go out. But often these clothes are not worn for many months. Such expenses are called unnecessary expenses.

We make the same mistake while going to the stores. A lot of things we put in our baskets and when the bill is made on the counter, it seems that it is too much, but then we do not reduce the stuff thinking what people will say. Change your habits. Wearing branded clothes, eating in restaurants, going to malls and multiplexes is a good thing, but every week, every other day is not the right thing to do. Control it. One can live life without these things.

3 'Gold' Is Only For Such Time

Some people collect or buy gold only thinking that it can be used in bad times. But when really bad times come, people hesitate to sell it, just thinking that the gold of the house will not be sold, whatever happens. Here we would like to advise that when you are really in trouble, instead of taking a loan from somewhere else, it would be right to take this step.

Stress is the root of many diseases. Therefore, instead of increasing your stress further, take advantage of this investment made by you at such a time.

4. Think A Little Positive

If your salary is has decreased, then thank God, because 'something is better than nothing'. If you have lost your job in this situation, then think that at least you are not at risk of disease. Here we are trying to tell that irrespective of the situation, think from a positive angle. 

Also, think that even in normal days there are many people who are managing whole expenses in just 10k only. You just have to pay attention to your expenses.

5. Don’t Consider Any Work As Small

If you used to get 35 or 50 thousand in the previous job, then you will not necessarily get this much money even after searching for another job. Right now there is a job crisis everywhere. It is better to work for less salary than being unemployed. Don’t connect it to the ego. Don’t think that I was a boss in a previous company and now I will work like this? Remember, people who are talented than you, are sitting idle at home. And if not a job, then do business. You can start even if some small kind of business. In this also, don’t think what people will say "who was previously a manager in a company, now he is doing a small business". Because people are not going to bear the expenses of your home.

6. Change Children's Habits Too

Whatever the child demands, there is no need to buy everything. Let them also understand that, from which situation you are going through. Today all parents want to take admission in a big and reputed school for their children, but if you want, you can also put your children in a government school. Even today, good government schools exist. You just have to change the perspective. 

Recall the 'Hindi Medium' film. As long as you don’t get your children admitted to it, their condition will not improve. Today, many children are illuminating the name of the country by studying in government schools. Understand this that one who has to study can top the state even after studying in a government school, and who does not have to study, will go to any big school, will fail. If you don’t have a job or your salary gets reduced, you can send children to a government school. Don’t think what people will say. It may be strange to you and the children at first, but later everything will look normal. Give children a chance to understand the ups and downs of life.

Time is not always the same. You can live a better life even by changing some habits. Nothing is impossible in life, and if anything, it is in your thinking. If your thinking is correct, then you will definitely get out of this difficult period easily. In the end, it would be fair to say, "A little sense, will reduce trouble"