Learn To Say 'No'

Learn To Say 'No'

Many times it happens that our colleagues in the office ask us to adjust our weekly off. For example, saying that “could you please take leave on another day because I have to take the wife to the hospital that day.” 

'Please recharge my mobile. I will refund you the money as soon as the salary comes. '

'Bhabhi, please give your red saree for one day which Bhaiya gifted you on the anniversary.'

In this way, people repeatedly take advantage of your ingeniousness and you become stupid. It’s not that you don’t understand their finesse. You know that this friend often makes such excuses and cancels your off and when you need, he refuses to adjust. You also know that the friend whose mobile you have recharged will not return your money after receiving the salary, because you have done many online payments in the past but he never gives the money back. Always avoids. You know that the saree you have given will give it back after spoiling it. But still, every time you believe in them. Why so? The answer is that you don't know how to say 'No'.

Inability To Speak 'No' Is A Big Weakness

Many people are unable to say 'no'. This is a big problem. It would be more appropriate to call it a weakness. We go on doing people's work, obeying their words, strangling our happiness, just because we don't know how to say 'no'. We are unable to say this word because we want the love of people in return, we want their praise. We want people to adopt us. We want to keep the relationship going. Do not want to hurt anyone's heart. Because of all these things, we keep doing injustice to ourselves and do all the things to the extent of endurance, which hurts us, make us unhappy.

Try Saying 'No', You will See The Real Faces 

When people hear our 'yes' in everything, and in return, we are crowned with humble, nice, helpful person etc. names. But if our tolerance breaks down after 10 years and we say 'No' to any work in the 11th year, then the same people call us arrogant and insolent. They immediately forget our 10 years of hard work, sacrifice, service. Then we think I wish I had said 'No' at the same time.

It's Not Like Every Time You Say 'No'

Saying here doesn’t mean that you start saying 'No' in everything. All you have to ask yourself, does love, appreciation of others matter more to you or your own happiness, peace of mind? If you are unhappy with doing something, under stress, it is better that you say 'No'. If you know that the person in front is lying, trying to take advantage of you, illegitimate taking advantage of your good, then say 'No'. Don’t think that the person will get angry, will not love, then he will not talk to me properly. Remember, people cannot always keep you happy. You cannot always follow them. If you try to do this, you will do injustice to yourself somewhere.

There Is Also A Way To Say 'No'

If someone has told you some work or asked for help, but you can’t do that work, you have some limitations, and then you should explain well to that person that you can’t do this work. If you have no problem in expressing your limitations, explain to him. Tell him that you feel bad even saying 'No'. When you say 'No' like this, the person in front will not mind your refusal.

Friends, why should we be afraid of those people whose opinion changes at the moment by saying 'Yes' or 'No'? Only consider them as yours, who love you even when you say no. Understand the reason for saying 'No' to any of your work.

Keep in mind, do not suppress your happiness to get love, respect from others, because these small sacrifices will erupt someday into volcanoes.