8 Things To Talk About On Your First Date

8 Things To Talk About On Your First Date

When it comes to the first date, the experience can be nerve-racking. There's a chance you'll make it with the other person and make a strong relationship. First dates can be fun and exciting, and it can also be a bit uncomfortable if you're unable to streamline your topics. You aim to hit it off with the special person without feeling awkward or uncomfortable pauses.

Making a first-date plan can be stressful if you don't know how to take it correctly. To help you out with your relationship goals, we've come up with some ideas, so you don't have to panic on your first date. 

These are some ideas that will help you not to flounder and get a grab of the situation.

1. Start with The Basics

While you cannot talk about close topics in the initial conversation, you have to start with the basics. Basics are the best way to start a conversation, and once you get to know the background of a conversation, you'll be able to drive it toward other topics. 

It would help if you discussed your family, your hometown, your house, how you spend your days etc. Discussing your career and future plans is also a good way to know about each other's mindset.

2. Talk About Your Hometown And Early Life

It feels good when you and your date talk about your past life, your childhood experiences, tour hometown and even then, things that are mutual between you both. Whether you come from a similar background, culture or society, that is about those things. Your early life, like your schooling and college life, will help you to get insights about each other.

3. Talk About Your Preferences

If talking about your family and your childhood experiences feel a bit deep on the first date, then you showing talk about the things you like and your preferences. You can dive into topics that suit your personality and discuss about things that overlap both of your interests.

Questions like, What's your perfect day? What do you prefer to do with your friends? These are some open-minded conversations that you can share.

4. Discuss Your Favourite Movies, TV Shows And Books

We are currently in an age of OTT and social media platforms. Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu and Kindle are some of the most common apps that are used to stream movies, series and tv shows. 

Keeping these things in mind, you can talk about different movies, tv shows and series that you watch or have watched before times. Ask your date about the genre that he or she likes, and tell him about your favourite story that you always prefer to read. 

You can get a glimpse of each other's taste, and can even prefer to go to a movie together. If you have watched anything that you think is worth watching, then you can recommend it to your date.

5. Talk About Your Hobbies

First conversations are incomplete without talking about your hobbies. When you are on your first date, it's important for you to talk about your hobbies. Your hobbies, your favourite pastime and your passions are something that makes you what you are. 

Your interest, your hobbies, your favourite sport or singer and even the songs you like can open opportunities to take the conversation further and get to know each other. 

By talking about what you like to do with your date, you'll give the other person a chance to understand you in a better way.

6. Discuss Your Favourite Music

Music is something that is common, irrespective of the culture and society or even the state to which you belong. It's definitely a great start to talk about music, songs, singers, and your favourite band in the first place. A first date is a great place to get new band recommendations and share your music preference and concerts.

7. Talk About Your Ambitions

Where you want to see yourself in the next 5 and even 10 years are the bigger questions in life. Being able to know about your goals, desires, and future plans is a great way to know someone. 

It's not necessary that your goals should be oriented to a career, but anything else that you want to do, like a business, cooking, professional musical career etc. Start about these topics and see ask about your date's future plans.

8. Talk About Food

There's no one in this world who does like food. First dates usually don't involve topics about food, but if you get an opportunity, do talk about it, as most people are food lovers. Talk about your favourite dishes, cafe or restaurant in the city.

You can make a very good impression right from your first date if you talk with an open mind from the beginning. 

While there are a lot more topics you can mutually share or talk about, these are some common topics you can discuss on your first date. These topics will develop a positive bond and develop your relationships.