13 Things To Do While Being Locked Down At Home

13 Things To Do While Being Locked Down At Home

What to say about COVID19? Everyone in the world knows it well and you're not alone in going through this pandemic situation. As the virus is spreading, national and local officials have called upon people to maintain social distance and not to leave the house. Due to this, theatres, malls, bars, pubs, local markets etc. are all closed so that the people do not accumulate. Because there is a high risk of contagion of this virus in the crowd. 

The government of most countries has announced a lockdown and instructed everyone to strictly follow home quarantine. 

What Is Quarantine?

Now the question in mind is what Quarantine exactly means. If we look at the dictionary meaning of the Quarantine, it means “strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease.” 

Quarantine distinguishes and restricts the movement of those people who were exposed to contagious disease or came in contact with an infected person. Such people are kept in medical isolation so that they remain separate from the healthy population and do not increase the infection of the disease.

What To Do In Lockdown Period?

As everyone is aware that many countries are going through a full lockdown situation where people can't get out of their homes. It is an emergency protocol initiated by the government for action related to mass quarantine. 

In the pandemic situation of COVID19, the public should support the government’s protocol to prevent contagion and you stay where you are and don't get out of your building or given area

Now again a question arises that seizing ourselves at home is good for our health but what we should do while being locked down at home by which we can spend this time well. 

Often we complain that” we don’t have time or due to commitment in work, we are unable to give enough time to home and family.” If seen from this point of view, we have got this home locked downtime as a blessing. You can make this time memorable for your family and for yourself.

Below is a list of some productive things that you can make meaningful use of this time.

#1. Family Time

As we have already told that in our daily routine, we have very little time for our family. So assume that this time you have got a boon, whatever the reason may be. We can spend this time with our family members in a very good way.

Today most of the family members are stuck in their work and office. In this fast-paced living style, we rarely sit and talk with our family. To take full advantage of this time and have a chat session on various topics with your family. Doing this will not only make you happy, but this time will create good memories for you for many years to come.

People who are working from home, your daily commuting time is being saved. Travel time in big cities is at least 2-3 hours.  So according to this, you are also saving 2-3 hours of the day which you can use well. 

#2. Find Something Good In Yourself

The time we get in our daily routine In that we are engaged in our cell phones, social media etc. But now is the time when we are at home entire day and we get bored of all these after a limit. Locked Downtime has given us an opportunity to purify ourselves from all the negative thoughts which are inadvertently creating a place in us.

This is the best chance when you can find some hidden talent in yourself. Find that person inside you which you are also unaware of, try to find yourself. In this tedious life of ours, we have forgotten ourselves somewhere.  We have forgotten our likes and dislikes too. Let us find the hidden talent within ourselves in this time. We can be a good chef or a good painter or a writer or something else.

#3. Workout At Home

People who always regret that in their busy schedule, don't have time for exercise. If you want to get into the workout routine for the first time in your life, then this period is a golden chance to stay fit and healthy for such people. Exercise in locked downtime is a better treatment to overcome the uncertainties of your mind. Because research says that exercise lessens depression and anxiety especially in this pandemic situation and you are staying at home all the time to keep yourself healthy and safe.

All gyms are closed time being for safety reasons. It doesn’t mean that you have an excuse to quit exercising these days. Many exercises can be done at home without any equipment. So you can't made-up that the gym is closed, so exercise is also closed. There are many exercises that can be done at home comfortably and which are effective too. 

Exercises like Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, Crunches, Yoga etc. can be done without the gym and all these are “Mat Workout”.  You can also find some exercise schedule that can be done at home on YouTube. You can follow anyone of that. 

#4. Set A Routine And Follow It

Staying at home has disrupted many people's daily routine. There is a lot of change in the routine due to sleeping late and waking up late. This can have adverse consequences on your health. 

That's why sleep on time, wake up on time, eat on time so that your body will be healthy. And when the body is healthy, the mind will also be happy. This will prevent us from getting sick often. 

#5. Clean The House

Because of social distancing, you are at home full time. In this time you can do deep cleaning of your house, which you have not done in the lack of time and it's a good thing to pass the time. Looking at the situation now, this is something that needs to be done on priority. Especially clean high touch surfaces like Bathroom Taps, Handles, Sink, Wash Basin, Kitchen Equipment, Door Knobs, Mobile, TV Remote etc. To prevent the spread of germs, wipe these things frequently with a disinfectant wipe. 

If you rearrange certain things in your house organized differently, then your home will get a fresh feeling. You can also rearrange your wardrobe systematically. Customizing and cleaning your home will give it life and you and your family will can sense the feeling of being safe and comfortable.  

#6. Some Time To Read

Everyone also complains that we don't even get time to read. So hopefully now you want to read something, maybe something you always want to read. Due to lack of available time, if you have left any novel incomplete, then this is the right time to complete it.

If you are not very fond of reading, then in this free time you can think about reading something. Maybe you like this and reading can be included in your list of hobbies.

Ernest Hemingway says,” There is no friend as loyal as a book.”

#7. Online Study 

Schools/ Colleges are closed for several weeks. That’s why your kids are now at home. Many schools have given homework, but going to school and learning directly from teachers is a different thing.

In such a situation, the learning productivity of the children should not get hampered, so you can try the online learning website or app for children.

#8. Cooking - Try New Dishes

Cooking is also a good idea to pass the time when you are at home only. Who doesn't like good food? During this time you can cook more for you and your family by ensuring the hygiene of food. You can also try the recipes for making new dishes. 

You can also cook with your family members. Doing so will strengthen your bond with other family members and this will be a small step which will reduce the stress of you and other family members.

#9. Take Care Of Your Plants / Garden

If you like gardening, this is a good time to pay attention to plants. Gardening has many benefits in terms of health such as reducing loneliness, good workout while digging holes or pulling weeds, getting Vitamin D (as you are working in Sunshine) which helps the body to use Calcium and fight diseases and many more.

One most important benefit of gardening is, its help to reduce stress and may also help you to feel calm and happy. And in the present situation, it is very important for us to be calm and happy.

#10. Watch Your Favorite Movies And Series 

Due to time constraints, we see our favourite series in bits and there is also a long list of movies we wish to watch. Staying home during locked down is the best time to watch the long-pending favourite movies and incomplete series. 

You can also try out shows and movies which are highly recommended by your friends. By the way, all the TV programs are closed so you can take a substitute TV program. There are many online options like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hot Star, etc.

#11. Be In Contact With Friends And The Close Ones

The man is a social animal and to keep a distance from people is really oppression. But in today’s fragile doesn’t mean that you are not connected to your close ones and friends. 

This time is really providing a great opportunity to check with those people. In this pandemic situation, it is not possible to meet those people but we can only check their health and safety through call or chat and it will be a caring thing. Your concern will bring them closer to you by heart.

#12. Activities For Kids During Locked Down

Just as the elder members of the family are fed up of staying in the home, similarly the children are in the same condition. This Locked Downtime is a better opportunity for children to learn some basic skills, not taught in school. There are many things that can keep your child occupied at home.

  • An online learning tool.
  • Let the children also talk to their friends. This will help them to learn how to interact to maintain a friendship. 
  • If possible, take them to some fresh air but be sure about all precautions. 
  • Talk with them about family and past.
  • Play Board Games, Cards with them.
  • Teach how to cook a meal.
  • Take care of a pet.
  • Watch movies/shows with them.
  • Engage them with you in household chores
  • Encourage reading some time regularly.

#13. Activities For Those Who Are Single In This Home Locked Down

Those people are really lucky who reach their house before Locked downtime but there are some people who cannot reach their homes for some reasons and now they are forced to stay where they are. For the first few days, it would be nice and relaxing to work from home and doing your own things. 

But we all know that in this locked downtime no one likes to feel lonely. Here are some ways for a single person to cope with loneliness.

  • Stay connected with family, friends via video call, chat, etc
  • Meditate to keep the mind calm.
  • Do some workouts at home via YouTube videos, fitness studio live streams or do some simple stretching.
  • Learn some new skills through online courses.
  • Do something creative like drawing, painting, etc.
  • Avoid checking news and social media in the morning.
  • Listen to music. 
  • Take regular breaks during work from home.
  • Read books or e-books.
  • Tryout virtual party idea and online dating.
  • Download games you like.

Even though it is difficult for us to take this time right now, but time never stops, it passes away. So why don't we accept the present scenario and can't we spend this time well and live it positively, productively and happily?


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