Unique Hobbies

Unique Hobbies

I like to read but on a broad spectrum, most people like to read. I can sing but it's not my hobby. Why I am writing about unique hobbies is because we human beings are complex species. We live in this world, we learn new things and start developing some interest, which then after persuasion turns into a hobby. 

Hobbies are great stress reliever; it allows you to explore yourself and your talents. I like to write. It is my hobby. But there are a few other things which give me satisfaction like organizing wardrobe. I am a homemaker. For me keeping things at their place comes with system and convenience. Obviously arranging wardrobe also comes with the same.

Just think when you open your closet, the first thing you notice is; it's Neatly Arranged. My night dresses go in one drawer. All the sarees and blouses are nicely kept in bags. Evening wears are neatly hung on the hangers. Then comes my churidar, pants and jeans, they are neatly stacked. 

The wardrobe follows a hierarchy. I might be sounding like borderline OCD, but trust me, for me it's convenient. Sarees and blouses are like the bosses, you have to please them and take care of them. Evening wear on hangers are like employees who fight to be in a good position, and night wears are the helping staff. You need them daily; one should understand their importance.

The other day I was at my friend's place, and she was drying clothes. Every time she put the cloth on the stand; my mind kept on repeating drying and folding clothes is an art.  So, yes, I have one more unique hobby for you i.e. ..., Drying and folding clothes. Every cloth while drying should be neatly aligned on the stand. Thick material should be put in such a way that it gets maximum light and air than thin material. They will dry faster. Undergarments are like naughty kids. Take care of them, pin them on the stand or they will run away. Full attention should be given to folding clothes as well. My mom says you take care of your clothes, and they will take care of you in public. Back in their time ironing clothes was not that simple, the way it is now. They used to fold their clothes in such a way that they used to look ironed. 

They used to wash their clothes with their hands and then dry them. Washing clothes with hands makes a lot of difference. Don't take me wrong, my full respect goes to those scientists and engineers who invented and made washing machines. If it's not for them, my clothes would have been lying in a laundry bag for weeks (confession of a woman who cannot wash clothes with hands.)

My mother-in-law knits and stitches her clothes, and she is very good at it. She says that is her hobby. But I think she likes cleaning and arranging the kitchen more. Every 10 days all the dabbas are removed from the cabinets washed dried and the cabinets are cleaned. Me and my mother in law are like "Ram Milayi Jodi", she likes to clean the kitchen and I like to cook in a clean kitchen. Why I think cleaning is her unique hobby is because I see the spark in her eyes when she cleans the cabinets. I think it gives her satisfaction. 

Hobbies are to break the monotony in life. But my unique hobbies give me satisfaction. In the beginning, it was just daily chores but afterwards, I started enjoying and giving it the creative twist. My unique hobbies definitely enriched my perspective.