Reasons That Initiate The Dawn For OTT Platforms In India

Reasons That Initiate The Dawn For OTT Platforms In India

The word ‘Digital’ is everywhere and the Best Entertainment Method right now. The Internet has taken over almost every region of the world and many users prefer the spreading of content through it. 

So, one thing is sure that you can’t just run away from the beauty of using the internet. The path of entertainment is also not limited to television or cinema theater anymore. Yes, online content creation is becoming a part of many people’s lives. 

For those who want to publish their content on such platforms, it is somehow easier than other media available right now. This content is all about showing you the rise of OTTs in India and their impacts on viewers.

OTTs Are Taking the Dominant Side – Learn How?

The pandemic causes the rise of OTT. Several digital platforms also promote growth in different aspects. Online content consumption is now a common agenda of all viewers. 

Well, the pandemic is the source to keep everyone bound to stay in their home. A locking system of social behavior has unlocked a lot of possibilities for people. Also, people who work hard seek some time for fun and thrill. 

It is not possible to bring a setup that gives you the complete theater feel. Well, it is possible somehow but it requires a healthy package to execute every operation. People seek better and affordable mediums to find their entertainment taste. 

Finally, they have ended up with OTTs. As you can see, OTTs have gained huge popularity and raised their subscriber counts triple in the past few years. Yes, various start-ups and emerging economies, and other sectors have crippled during the pandemic.

Even many huge-budget projects faced a lot of trouble for scheduling or resuming their shoot. But content creation is not that far if anyone puts the right thing at the right place. Indeed, people can’t summon one place under the roof of a film hall for entertainment.

But the word ‘Innovation’ has not been eliminated yet from the vocabulary. Yes, OTTs are taking control over the large markets despite all hurdles. The vital fact is, OTT platforms are not claiming a huge amount from their users. They enable Watching Cinema Online.

The movie theater chains didn’t work when the pandemic was at its peak. This is where OTTs get attention. The exceeding of lockdown and other kinds of restrictions have provoked the rise of OTTs too.

From that point, the race is still on but the popularity of OTTs is not gone. Yes, cinema theaters are open but you can’t just run a series in a film theater, right! This is where OTT comes again to the mind of the production house.

They prefer the use of these platforms over other resources available around them. Many blockbuster films are also coming to these OTTs to expand their popularity across the vast users. Watching Cinema Online is now getting common among all groups of age.  

Streaming Vs Cinema

Well, both have their differences. However, OTT may take an upper hand in the battle. The first point that comes to a user’s mind the safety and comfort while entertaining. You don’t find that kind of comfort within a hall.

Everyone has been to a cinema hall once for sure. Yes, the visual experience, sound system, and air conditioning zones are completely different. These are the cases that make cinema halls unique from all types of entertainment media. 

Who would like to go out and take risks during the pandemic? The answer is pretty easy to say. In this case, you can get your entertainment right at your home. From the survey, around 70% of users prefer indoor entertainment and the credit goes to OTT platforms.

They have brought the best cinema, series, short films, sports, and many more to the small screen under the safest environment. There is no need to get distracted because of any kind of restriction out there as you have chosen to stay indoors. 

If you put them on different sides of a weighing tool, OTT may win as per the current demand. Cinema halls are great but when it comes to your safety OTT platforms are the choice and priority of many.

Interests of Producers and Publishers on OTTs

The purpose of every media producer or publisher is to earn a good amount. There is no doubt about it. However, the pandemic has ruined everything for many businessmen and private organizations. When someone sees an opportunity, he or she just wants to grab it.

The same thing they do with their business. Almost all producers and publishers have sold the license of films to OTTs with a great number of deals. Do you think they bear any loss? Well, I hardly doubt the question, right!

No one wants to do anything out of profit. So, entertainment just gets transported to another medium rather than stopping.