It’s Better To Stay Away From These 7 Types Of People

It’s Better To Stay Away From These 7 Types Of People

The world is full of different kinds of people. Some are cheerful, some are sad, some are angry, some calm. Even inside us, there are a lot of emotions, which come out under different circumstances. But there are some people on whom one of their emotions dominates and that becomes their nature. Because of this, others have to face problems. If such people are around you too, who are of having some strange nature, then stay away from them, so that you don't have trouble with such people. Let's try to find out why it is better to stay away from these types of people? 

1. Who Point Out Only Your Drawbacks:

Have you gained weight? Looking fat…. Your Chhole (Indian dish) looks good, just had to cook more, some are left raw. The colour of the saree doesn't look good on you. Hey, your are turning white at such a young age, something like this…. who point out only your drawbacks? Stay away from such people. Such people call themselves your well-wishers, but such people will always talk negative and you will become frustrated. Don’t keep such people around you, who always say only and only bad, who doesn't even have two words of praise. Whenever you stay with them, your mood is set to be off.

2. Who Gets Angry On Everything:

Sometimes if someone says something wrong or makes a mistake, then we all get angry, but there are some people who get angry at everything by keeping associated with such people, there is always a fear of their anger on unnecessary things. When will such people get angry, you will have no idea about that.  you will not even know the reason for their anger. And later, if the reason is found out by any third person, you will wonder if anyone can get angry even on such a small thing? It also takes energy and time to convince such people. So, stay away from these people, it will be better.

3.  Speak Only About Themselves:

'I was like this in my time', ‘Today I had an argument with the boss ', 'I am like that only, I go out anytime, anywhere.' Just I… I… and I….

We all know such people. They just keep talking about themselves and who Don’t give another person a chance to speak. Whenever such people are with anybody, they always keep telling about their life's struggle, achievement, home, children, wife, office. If you try to tell something in between, then they ignore your point. Don’t pay more attention to such people also. Stay away from them.

4. Who Always Praises Everyone:

Sometimes someone praised your dress, praised the food you cooked, sometimes it's nice to hear from others and everyone likes it, but if people start praising every time, it seems fake. Yes, many people praise you only because they want to get their work done from you when needed and you can’t refuse. You will understand the appreciation of such people. By the way, these types of people are more in the office, buttering their seniors and boss so that they can get a promotion. "Sir, what idea did you give. Wow." "I want to be as diligent and successful as you, please give some tips, sir”. We should stay away from such people too because too much praise is not good for you because you may become arrogant. 

5. Who Create Disturbance In Your Daily Routine:

Such people unnecessarily disturb your normal routine, make you nervous. For example, people who ask for your mixer-grinder every other day. Such people take things by saying that they will return immediately, but then don’t return until you ask for it. There are also people like this who come to your house and without any hesitation ask you for hot spots or Wi-Fi passwords and you can’t say 'No'. They download their work-related things or movies using your data. Keep these people away too. Learn to say 'no' to them clearly.

6. Who Always Gossip:

It is said that intelligent people discuss ideas. Average people discuss the event and people with a low mind, only do gossips. Yes, stay away from people who gossip a lot. Everyone does a little gossip, but there are some, who are doing gossip all the time. Living with such people is a waste of time and you don't learn anything new. Also, if they said that such and such person was saying this about you, then your mood also turns off. What difference does it make to us if someone says something about us? With this, the person who is telling you about someone else today will also tell someone else about you. So, it is better to stay away from these people as much as possible.

7. Dishonest people who cheat:

Such people speak something else in front and say something else in the back. They are not what they look like. Such people speak very sweetly and cheat when they get a chance. For example, they will see you applying for a job on a big post in a good company, so they will spoil the reputations of that company in front of you so that you do not apply for a job there. Will tell you that if you do a job there, you will regret it. Bosses are very wicked etc… And you will change your mind and later you will know that the same person applied for that post and got the job. When you ask that that job was not right, you only said that then they would pretend that they had a misunderstanding which later cleared. Once you are deceived by such people, get away from such people immediately.

Take care of these things

  • Don’t talk about others behind their back. 
  • Don’t share your personal things with anyone.
  • If you don't want to share anything with anyone, then refuse it clearly.
  • Tell people clearly that you don’t like these things in their nature so that they get a chance to improve.
  • Don’t meet the people who say things that hurt you, taunt you.
  • If you borrow something from someone, then return it immediately.
  • Don’t ask for things like the Wi-Fi password.
  • If someone has shared his personal thing with you, then keep it to yourself. Don’t cheat.
  • Don’t reduce your value by going to meet anyone without informing them or without invitation
  • Don’t give advice to anyone without asking, don’t judge anybody and don’t comment on the physical structure of anyone

Friends, Think about yourself once. Do you behave like any of the 7 types of people mentioned above? If you do any of these things, then it is better to try to change your habit immediately. Otherwise, people will start keeping a distance from you. It may be that you have made some distance from someone. Now you must have known the reason behind this. Isn’t it???