Mom's Saree

Mom's Saree

Raised as a Tomboy I was never interested in traditional wear and especially sarees which I kept yards away. I always used to wonder how these ladies managed such a difficult robe. Difficult to run, difficult to attend nature's call, and plenty of other reasons. The only time I had to wear a saree was for an annual function at college and all throughout my hands were on my pleats just to make sure they didn’t come down.

A newlywed, I opened my suitcase to find mom had packed some of her best sarees. I was already nervous with the new surrounding and my mom's sarees were the most comforting feeling when I felt it on my body. I felt she was with me and I treasured them the most. Even though I didn't like some colours. I still kept them with me as I didn’t want to part away with something that had touched her body..

Now, the sarees are out of fashion, and have donated a few to the needy have kept some of their favorite ones. Wearing them, turning them into duvets, curtains, dresses, and using them in different styles at least makes me feel her presence.

I have still not found a best friend like mom and wonder what will happen when she is not around. Sometimes I wish I had a rewind button to go back to my childhood and hit the pause button for those times to be still and eat food from mom's hand, listen to bedtime stories, sleep beside her and do so many other things.

But life is not exactly how we want it to be. Times change, situations never remain the same, and chalti ka naam gaadi.

All we can do is spend time with our loved ones as much as we can, cherish the wonderful memories so that there is nothing to regret about it later.