Importance of Yoga

Importance of Yoga

Yoga is one of the most important and most popular body practices in the world. It has rich ancient history and traditions. Its main principles mainly connect with nature and body balance with the mind. This body-mind balance can only be achieved through regular yoga practices. 

Yoga is a way of living that aims for a healthy mind along with a healthy body. Humans are considered mental, spiritual, and physical beings. Through Yoga, there is the development of the balance between all the three, as stated in Ayurveda in India. 

Aerobic is another physical exercise that only assures physical well-being. These exercises don’t have any role in improving the spiritual or astral body. 

Yoga is an ancient art that aims to maintain a healthy mind with a healthy body. This is the reason why Yoga is said to be a harmonizing system that rejuvenates the body, mind, as well as soul. 

Saints have described this Yoga as an art form that is a universal attribute of the mind that enhances the body's spiritual, physical, and mental status. The development of these 3 specifications helps to lead to a condition in which the individual can enhance the positive feelings towards life. 

Yoga is not just bending your body or holding your breath. It is much more beyond that. It involves the techniques to bring you into a state of really seeing and experiencing reality simply the way it is. Your sensory body only expands when you enable your energies to become ecstatic and exuberant. 

As a result of which, you can experience the whole universe as a part of yourself, making everything one; this is the union that Yoga can create. Now medical professionals and celebrities are also adopting and recommending the regular practice of Yoga due to its various health benefits. 

Patanjali who is the founder of Yoga, stated Sthiram sukham asanam. It implies that the posture which appears to be firm and agreeable is your asana. And this asana is a preliminary step into the act of Yoga. Yoga focuses on co-coordinating between your mind, body, and soul. Yoga helps you to adjust yourself, so everything functions brilliantly within you. And because of the Yoga, you can draw out the best of your capabilities.

History of Yoga

Yoga word is derived from the Sanskrit language and from the word Yuj which means to unite, the union of the individual with the supreme god. Yoga means controlling the mind and its modifications. You can find several styles of Yoga out there, but the core idea of every style is controlling the mind. 

Yoga is very old, and no one knows exactly when it started. But, history reveals that it began long ago, and it’s slowly incorporated into the lives of every individual. Only a legend can give us a better idea of the history of Yoga. 

Shiva was the first yogi, and he took thousands of years to reach enlightenment in a place named Mount Kailash. He had seven disciples, who are popularly known as 7 rishis. They are the founder of the most spiritual traditions in the world. 

Importance of Yoga Practices

Through the Hath Yoga and its various branches, perfect unison can be achieved. Yoga can help you tackle the various problems you face with regular practice. 

Advantages of Yoga

Regular Yoga practice has an innumerable benefit that positively affects the individual both mentally and physically. 

  • Lowers blood sugar in diabetics
  • Alters gene expression
  • Improves sense of balance
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Improves brain function
  • Lower stress levels
  • Lowers risk of heart diseases
  • Increases flexibility
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves lung capacity
  • Relieves chronic back pain
  • Stronger bones
  • Healthy weight 

Listed below are the few things that Yoga works on- 

Lowered Blood Pressure- blood circulation is enhanced within the body with regular yoga practices. This leads to regular oxygen supply within the body, and this leads to a significant reduction in blood pressure as the body calms down.

Enhanced Circulation- blood circulation is enhanced by Yoga only. Regular yoga practice leads to the better transportation of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. 

Increases strength- through Yoga, you will use your body weight to increase your strength. It’s a bewildering method of strength training. 

Stimulation of Organs- through the yoga practice, the internal organs are massaged. This leads to an increase in your resistance to the diseases. 

Increased immunity- both Yoga and immunity go hand in hand. Yoga helps in healing and enhancing every cell of your body. And in this way, your body automatically becomes more immune. This will ultimately lead to an increase in immunity.

Reducing Hostility- regular yoga practices also help in controlling anger. The nervous system is calmed by breathing and meditation, thereby decreasing hostility and anger. Reduction of hostility leads to a reduction in blood pressure. As a result of which, you can have a stress-free and healthier approach to life.