7 Best And Simple Tips - To Increase Self-Esteem In Women

7 Best And Simple Tips - To Increase Self-Esteem In Women

Are you a housewife? Do you complain that your children don’t listen to you and often shout in front of friends that Mom, you won't understand? Your husband also doesn’t take your words seriously? Do they only talk about the needs of the house? Not as romantic as before? And for all these reasons you feel that nobody cares. Now I am left only as a housekeeper. If the answers to all these questions are yes, then definitely read this article.

Women, especially housewives, must first learn to love themselves. When you respect yourself, take care of yourself, only then others will respect you, give love.

1. Always Keep Hair Neatly

Often housewives are so entangled in household chores that many times they don’t comb hair even once in a day. Every time they fix hair with fingers and work again. They think where do we need to go out? Have to stay at home. Which guests are coming to the house too? I will make hair later. What is the need to comb now? This is where she makes the biggest mistake.

When you are well prepared after taking a bath, you will also have a fresh feel.  During work, when you will see yourself in the mirror, you will not see yourself like a maid with dispersed hair. Even in the evening, you should wash your face and comb the hair again so that the husband who comes home from the office can see you refreshed. You too will feel good by seeing yourself ready.

2. Pay A Little Attention To Your Dressing

Many times women don’t wear sarees properly. If the saree will wear any other colour, then the blouse will be of some other colour. She keeps two to three sarees for daily wear. In such a situation, wearing the same saree continuously for several days, it starts to shrink from the bottom, but she continues to wear similar sarees.

Many women stay in nightgowns throughout the day. When the vegetable seller arrives, she goes to buy the vegetable in the same gown. These small things tell that you don’t respect yourself. When you behave like this, children and husband also start taking you lightly. It is better that you iron it every day. Wear the gown at night only at bedtime. Wear clothes that do not look bad during the day. Don’t go out without a dupatta when wearing a salwar suit.

3. Pamper Skin and Body

Even if you have not gone out, you must wash your face thrice a day. Apply moisturizing cream on face. Do make eyebrows twice a month. Facial, waxing, manicures, pedicures should also be done from time to time. Don't think where to go to a party, so why do waxing, facials etc. If you take care of your body, your confidence will increase and the other members of the family will also listen to you. The husband will also notice these changes in you and will fall in love again.

4. Keep Yourself Updated With The Newspaper And News Channel

Husbands are not able to talk to their wives and children many times because of this, because they don’t have many common topics to talk to you. They neither don’t want to discuss the household chores of the day nor listen to what the neighbour did. They need someone to talk like them. Therefore, it is better that you prepare yourself for new subjects.

Keep updated on what is happening in the world. Increase in General Knowledge. When you talk on politics, country-world or any such subject, your value will increase

5. Take Time To Keep Yourself Fit

Do yoga in the morning or evening. Even you can exercise. Any class can join for Yoga or exercise. If you exercise, you will feel new energy inside yourself. If you stay fit then you will be able to do better work. Glow will come on your face and your body posture will be fine.

6. Focus On Your Family As Well As Your Happiness

Often we cook the food of the family's choice, we forget our choice. For example, nobody in the house likes bitter gourd or brinjal and even if we like them very much, we don’t cook them. Do we think why to make for ourself only? In this affair, we kill our small happiness. We should also make vegetable of our own choice without laziness. Even if you have to make it for yourself only. If you do this, you will feel very good.

7. Never Give Up On Your Hobbies

If you had a dance, song or any such hobby before marriage, never leave it. Take time for that. Meet your old friends. Don’t get so busy with household chores that you forget your hobbies and friends. When you do something you like, meet your old friends, talk and laugh, then you will feel that life is beautiful. Otherwise, you will always be sad.

There are many changes in the lives of girls after marriage. Due to those changes, she makes so much change in herself that she forgets her happiness. Women should change but do not embrace sorrow in exchange for your happiness. Focus on yourself too. When you respect yourself, people will respect you.