Know These 5 Things Before Talking To Anyone

Know These 5 Things Before Talking To Anyone

Talking is also an art. Talking here does not mean sensible talk or foolish talk. That is a separate issue. How much to talk? When to talk? Whom to talk? In how many words? On which subject to talk? Which time will be right for this? Which place would be right for this? It is important to know all this. Today we are giving you tips on this.

1. How Long To Talk

The first question is how much to talk? Actually, it depends on the person how good his / her relationship with you is. If you both are very good friends, then you can talk for hours, But if you do not have much friendship with them, then it is better that you talk as much as necessary.

If you want to befriend them or talk more, first see if he/she is interested in friendship with you or not? For example, if you are talking to anybody and he is not looking at you, looking at the computer or mobile and he is giving the answers to you only by saying 'yes', 'no', 'okay' or 'let’s see' etc. While you are on chat also, if he is replying in the same, then you have to understand that he is not interested in talking to you at all. In such a situation, if you are face to face, then you should leave, if the conversation is happening on the phone, then you should hang up the phone and if you are getting similar answers on the chat, then the chat should be stopped by saying the important thing.

2. Learn To Read Facial Expressions

You also have to understand with whom you are talking, on what subject you are talking about.  you also have to understand whether that person is ready to talk to you on that subject. Check it.  Does that subject make the person depressed and upset? Does that subject annoy the person? Or is it such a personal matter that he doesn’t want to share with you or he may feel uncomfortable talking to you on that subject?

So it’s better that you don’t disturb that person by asking awkward questions and by discussing that subject. By the way, what is the subject on which you should not talk to that person; it will be understood by seeing his face. His facial expressions will change. Feelings like stress, sadness, anger, irritation, will come and if you repeatedly talk about the same topic in every meeting, then that person will avoid meeting you. Will say I am busy, I am not at home etc. He wouldn't like to sit there for two minutes. Let me add one thing to this that while talking to women, you must take care of the subject, place, situation etc.

3. Take Care Of Time Too

While talking, see if the person has time to listen or not? He may have been in a hurry. He has to go somewhere. He is doing some work and you have started talking in between. He doesn't have time to listen, what you are talking. So before talking, take permission that 'I want your two minutes or 10 minutes'. When you are free, tell me. ”When you talk with permission like this, people will also give importance to your talk.

4. Take Care Of Eyes

Pay special attention to the eyes while talking. Try to talk to people by making eye contact. If the conversation is with a woman, be more careful. While talking to woman, if you look at her dress, her feet, her chest, her hair or her earrings, and if you think that she is not aware of what you are admiring then this is your misunderstanding. She understands well that what you are observing in her. She simply doesn’t say anything. Maybe someday she tells you and you don't even have anything to say

5. Which Topics Should Be Avoided

Often, people go to someone's house and ask their children about their career, future plans, while they are well aware that the child is weak in studies. They ask such questions in front of everyone that the child becomes shy. Due to this, the child then stops meeting the guests. Many people, when someone has a young daughter or son in their house, ‘when will they get married’, they ask such questions. These young people also don’t like it and they avoid talking to you. Many people ask married daughters-in-law about the planning of the child. How much is the salary from boys, promoted or not? When will you have your own house? Ask questions like this. These are some questions that irritate almost every man. So it is better not to ask such questions. Don’t talk on such topics. 

Take Care Of These Things As Well

  • If anyone talks to you, look at them, don’t talk with eyes fixed in mobile or laptop.
  • Do not talk too close to anyone, they may get uncomfortable.
  • If you have to talk to someone closer, So first check your breath, there is no foul smell. It is better to keep mouth freshener, clove, fennel, cardamom, mint etc. with you so that your mouth doesn’t smell bad.
  • See also if you do not blow the spit of mouth while speaking.
  • Whenever you want to talk to someone on a personal topic, take them apart from the crowd. First, ask them, I want to talk in private.
  • While talking, choose the correct words. It should not happen that you wanted something else to speak and using the wrong word, the person had taken a different meaning and got angry.