Are You Underweight? Try These Tips

Are You Underweight? Try These Tips

You must have read many articles to reduce obesity or reduce belly fat, but today we are telling you how to increase your body weight? Means how to gain weight? This is because on the one hand where many people are worried about obesity, At the same there are others who are worried about leanness. Sometimes they have to listen to taunts due to being too lean, friends make fun. Some compare to incense sticks and some say that if you blow, he/she will fly away. Apart from this, leanness is a weakness, which is not good. If you are equally lean or know someone, then definitely share this article with them, so that they will also get help.

What Things Should Be Eaten For Fast Weight Gain?


  • It is said that eating almonds increases the memory, but at the same time one benefit of almond is that it increases your weight.
  • Although everyone knows this, still, it is important to tell that eating bananas increases weight very quickly. That's why eat two bananas every day. It also improves digestion power.
  • Potato is a good source of carbohydrate. By eating this, body fat increases rapidly. If you want to gain weight fast, you can eat potato chips, potato vegetables, potato parathas as well.
  • Take milk cream as much as possible. It contains too many fats and Calories.
  • Eating 20 grams of walnuts daily also increases weight rapidly.
  • Paneer also fulfils calorie deficiency in the body and also helps in weight gain. Eat Paneer in different forms.
  • Egg contains Vitamin A, Vitamin D. It is beneficial in weight gain.
  • If you can eat non-veg, then eat fish, it increases weight very fast. This will complete the deficiency of protein in your body. Apart from this, red meat also contains a lot of protein. Eating that is also beneficial for you.
  • Peanut butter is also tasty and it will also increase weight. Be sure to include it in food. Put it on toast in breakfast and have fun.
  • Eat as much butter, ghee as possible. It contains too many calories. This will bring shine to your face.
  • Take cheese toast for breakfast. Cheese also has a lot of calories. There is also protein and fat. Eat as much as you want.
  • Drink milk, fruit juice, coffee with cream and cold drinks.
  • Start eating sweet even if you don't like sweet.
  • Raisin is also good for you.
  • Always keep soaked gram. Whenever you feel hungry, eat them.


Now Follow These Tips And Gain Weight Fast


  • Never drink water before eating food. Drinking water fills your stomach, it makes you eat less, which is not good.
  • Take food on the big plate instead of a small plate. It is believed that when we take small plates, we eat less food, but when we take a big plate, we take more and eat more.
  • In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, eat something during the day like Makhane, Gur-Chana, Cashew-Almond etc.
  • Along with this, get plenty of sleep.
  • Drink a glass of milk before going to bed at night.
  • Do weight lifting and increase your stamina.
  • Do not resort to junk food to gain weight, otherwise, the weight will increase, but some other disease will occur.


Find Out From BMI Whether You Are Underweight Or Not?

Before doing all this, first, find out whether you are really underweighted or not. Maybe you misunderstand that you are lean. For this, first, get your BMI i.e., body mass index checked. In this, the weight is calculated in proportion to your age and height.

Find out your BMI and see which category it is in.

Under 18.5 - Underweight
18.5 to 25 - Normal Weight
25 to 29.9 – Overweight


Know What Can Cause Leanness?

  • Lifestyle chaos.
  • Eating less or not eating on time
  • Fasting more
  • No nutritious diet
  • Heredity
  • More physical effort and less food
  • Hyper thyroids disease. There is a gland in our body, thyroid. Thyroxine is made in this hormone; it keeps our metabolism safe. If this hormone starts to become more, then the metabolome becomes very fast. This increases hunger, but weight gradually decreases.
  • Diabetes. For those people who do not know that they have diabetes, it is a symptom that it increases appetite, but weight starts to decrease because the insulin production in the body decreases. Therefore, the food that is eaten cannot give energy and the sugar level in the blood increases. This causes weight loss.
  • One reason may be that you have a stomach problem such as gastrointestinal decease. In some diseases, it happens that we eat food, but it does not appear in the body. Many people are deficient in iron. Due to which people do not feel hungry.
  • People also lose weight due to vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • People also eat less food due to depression and stress, then they lose weight.