What To Do When You Are Angry On Someone?

What To Do When You Are Angry On Someone?

No matter how much we request people, you should not do this. They do the same what they want to do. They don’t listen to us. Then we get angry, it hurts. We tell them again and again 'Why don't you understand this? We are telling this because it’s good for you.’ But they listen, smiles and starts doing what they were doing. We get angrier.

Brahmakumari Sister Shivani has explained this topic very well. She says that., "there is a mystery behind all these things and when you understand this secret, the mind stops questioning."

Friends, we have all heard the word 'soul'. In the conversation, we repeatedly say in the mind that this is my husband, this is my wife, this is my child, she is daughter-in-law ... but we forget that before all this, this is ‘soul’. When we remember that this is a soul, then the problem will be solved, because while remembering that it is a soul, it will also be remembered that I am a soul in this body today. This is my country, this is the province, this is the family, this is the circumstances of life and these are my values. But before that, I was in another costume. Then my country was different, the province was different, the family was different, the circumstances were different.

Suppose today our body is 50-60 years old, so what is the age of the soul? It does not have any age, because the soul is ajar, immortal, and imperishable. When we say that he died, it means, that body died. The soul left that body and took another body. Today it is in this body, so it was in another body before that. Before that, it was in some other body. It is not known how many bodies the soul has left. And while living in all the bodies, that soul has received certain rites according to the circumstances.

Now assume that the soul is like a CD. Now check how many songs are in this CD. Songs here means from every birth. You will find that every song is different, because your circumstances, country, family were different in all births. Now you can understand that when all the songs in our own CD are not from one, then how will our songs match the other CDs? 

Now we will try to understand it with an example. Two CDs get married. Both CDs quarrel over why you are like this, Why are you like that. Both want the song of their choice to be played on the other CD too, which is not possible. Despite this, of our entire lives, we continuously try to fit our song in other CDs. Now, when the two CDs were making a small effort to change each other, the third CD is born in the family. Both CDs were thinking that the third CD that would come to the family would be a blank CD. We will write songs of our choice in it, but did a blank CD come to your family? No, there were already lots of songs of his past lives inside that CD. Its rites were different. That’s why, when a baby is born, Pandit Ji gives you baby’s birth chart. Actually, that horoscope is the details of all previous visits of that soul. On the basis of those trips, deeds, the new CD performs the deeds and it gets rewarded and you get unnecessarily angry at your child that he does not listen to us. Does not work or behave as we said.

Always remember this and whenever someone does not work according to our mind, instead of getting angry at him, see him as a soul instead of seeing him as a human being. Let him work according to the rites of his past lives.

Put Yourself in Place of Others

'What makes us angry?' when someone doesn’t work according to you. For example, if our maid doesn’t work according to us, then we get angry. But the thing to think is that when our own children are not like us, don’t behave according to us, then how can we expect maid that she will work exactly according to our processes. We have to understand that the thinking of everyone is different, everyone's circumstances are different. Maybe her husband is ill or has lost his job. She may have left her young child alone. So many things are going on in her mind. How will she feel when you scold her under these circumstances? How long will she be sad? One day, two days, one month? See, when you scolded someone, what you will get in return from that person throughout the day, pain, hate and anger. That is negative energy. On the other hand, if you explain their mistake with love, then what will be received in return, respect, love, blessings i.e. positive energy.

If Things Are Accepted Then the Mind Will Not Be Disturbed

Your neighbour is playing loud music in the morning. How many choices do you have? First, go to their house and tell them to stop the music. He will increase the sound of the music. Now, the second choice, start playing your music even louder than that. That is, if they are angry, then you show double anger with them. Now think whose loss will be more? The third and simplest option, which will save energy. "Start enjoying their music." That's it; the things that we accept don’t disturb our mind.

Friends, the way everyone works is different. Don’t try to make anyone like you. Explain this to your mind. If you decide that you will not try to change others, a lot of your energy will be saved. Remember, "Others can’t be understood, but can be accepted."