15 Ways To Be A Good Person

15 Ways To Be A Good Person

Becoming a 'Good Person' is not so difficult

Often we have heard people saying, 'Where do good people meet now?' Or 'Nowadays God has stopped making good people. If you also say similar things, then the time has come to read this article once. Some wise person said that you should behave like you expect people to behave in the same manner. The same thing applies here. Good people will meet you only when you will be good yourself, so why not start from today itself.

Don't worry, becoming good is not a difficult task. You don’t have to spend any money or sacrifice anything big. You can become a good person just by taking care of small things.

Let us know what those things are

1. Include magical words such as sorry, thank you and please in your colloquial language. These words are very small but have a very deep effect.  It often happens that we get into a fight with friends, relatives, family and someone in the office. Later the disagreement slowly fades over time. We start the conversation, but this malaise remains forever in the heart that the mistake was made by him, he understood this, but he didn’t say sorry even once. Does he become small by speaking sorry? All these things are also with thank you and please. If anyone offers any help, then immediately say thank you. If you want to get some work done by someone, say please it if you want help. We should take care of all these things even at home. For example, 'Mummy, please give food ...' and 'Mummy, give food'. Try to speak both sentences. In a first way, there is love, affinity, respect, and in a second way, there is order.

2. If someone has said something by trusting you, then handle that trust. If he has said anything to you about a third person, then he has told you because he trusts you. If you tell that thing (he was talking about) to that third person and then both will fight, then there will be differences. It won't help you because the first person will hate you because of being cheated, as well as the second person will also decide that this person is not trustworthy. Rather it will happen that no one will tell you what is in their mind because people have lost faith in you.

3. Whenever you borrow money from someone, try to pay it on time. Don’t think that unless the person asks for money, there is no need to give back. If you return the money before the person asks for it, it shows your honesty and character. By doing this, that person also helps you again in future, because he has seen your honesty.

4. Don’t ask anybody any personal questions. If he considered you close or he would like to tell you anything personal, then he will tell himself. Have you ever asked someone about his salary, age? Don’t ask anybody that after many years of marriage, why not have children? Are you planning? Why are you staying in a rented house? Take Your Own Home? Is there any money problem? Have you had a fight with your husband, he looked very angry with me.

5. Some basic etiquette is also important to know, remove the shoes outside if you go to someone's house. If he says that there is no need to remove the shoes, still then remove it outside. If someone has gone to the kitchen, bedroom for some work in the middle of the conversation, don’t go after them. Don’t check what is made in the food today by lifting the lid of the kitchen utensils. Ask before using the washroom. Don’t start looking at any diary, album or any such thing by yourself.

6. Keep some things in mind in public places too. Be it a lift or a common door; always open the door for the person following you. After getting out, don’t leave the door suddenly; let the back person also exit.

7. If you go out with any friend or relative, then make payment equally. For example, if the person has to bear the cost of movie tickets at that time, Next time it's your turn. If he has paid the bill in the restaurant, then pay the taxi fare. Never think that the person is wealthier, what difference it makes if he pays the bill every time. This shows your tendency to take advantage of others

8. Do not make any opinion about anyone without knowing the things well. You don,t know what circumstances the person has gone through or is going through. What is his background? Also, remember that what it looks like is not necessarily the same. It is not right to form an opinion by looking at the outer cover. Take time to understand people.

9. Respect everyone's views. Whenever you have an argument with someone, talk coolly. Don’t unnecessarily try to prove yourself right Remember, what you see is 6, but the other person may see 9 from his or her angle. If there is no solution to the disagreement, then decide to close it and end it by saying that both, you and I are probably right in our place. Our views don’t match in this subject. It is better to stop this argument.

10. When someone talks to you, listen to them. Don’t talk to them while working on mobile or laptop. Look into the eyes of the person and talk to them, so that they feel that you are listening to them. Also, do not interrupt anyone while speaking.

11. If you joke with someone and the person doesn’t look happy with it, stop it immediately and apologize for the joke made earlier. Everyone likes jokes, this is not necessary.

12. If you go for lunch or dinner at someone's house, so do not forget to praise the cook. Even praise the women of your house, when they make some special dish or something different. If they make a dish for you along with dealing with the work of the day, then they should get praise. Remember, be it office or home, praise publicly and criticize privately. Try to praise someone at least five times a day. Take it into practice, and then see how much people's behaviour changes towards you.

13. Don’t comment on anyone's body texture like their weight, skin colour, the colour of teeth or anything else. If they want to talk to you about losing weight or something else, they will. 

14. Be it rich or poor, treat both equally. Many times we see that people give great importance to their rich relatives and friends, but keep a distance from poor relatives and friends. Remember, no one can say when a rich person becomes poor and when a poor person becomes rich. There is also one thing that no one is affected by how you treat people of rich or high rank. People see how badly you treat people below you. If you treat them with respect, then people will notice and their respect for you will increase.

15. Respect the work of others. You may be in a big position in the company and the other is in a lower position, but this doesn’t make your work more important and other’s is of less importance. The same applies to the housewife as well. If you go out and earn money, you work hard, but she stays at home and does not even get any salary for her work, then she doesn’t work hard, don’t think that. You are able to work with ease, because your wife, mother has taken all the responsibility of the house. Honour them. Give them a chance to rest one day. 

By adopting these small habits, we can become a good or better person.