8 Tips To Fall Back In Love With Your Partner

8 Tips To Fall Back In Love With Your Partner

One of the best feelings in the world without question is “Love”, we fall into it, seek it out, cherish it. It is so complex and powerful emotion that it is very hard to describe. But sometimes we fail out in relationships. At the time, we have a list of issues which are causing problems in a relationship, but still, it is very hard to pinpoint, why we lost the love feeling that once overcame us. It is perfectly normal to have times when you feel more or less in love.  But you may still want it to work with him or her. 

Here I want to discuss a few tips to fall back in love with your partner to save the relationship.

1 Avoid Being Critical

Avoid Being CriticalAccording to a recent study, positive thinking can work as a miracle for us. Positive thinking can increase how much love you have for your partner. 

In a relationship, if we are not in the critical mode, we are already appreciating those qualities in our partner that we love. We all have a critical inner voice; it actually leads us to put partner down. Your partner is a human being with human flaws.  We all have flaws but the critical inner voice doesn’t help us, it rather leads us to behave irrationally. 

That's why instead of being serious, we should try to understand our partner's feelings and it would be a good effort to fall in love with your partner again.

2 Negative Thinking Trap

Negative thinking trapIf you are filled with negativity or see things through negative eye or views, then you only focus on your partner’s imperfections and flaws.  Negative trap includes:

a) Unless everything is up to your standard, everything is wrong or terrible, and the result is, mild mistakes made by your partner can make you feel terrible.

b) Instead of focusing on the problem area, a partner starts the blame game

c) When you start expecting that your partner ‘should’ do things exactly by your standards.

d) We start discounting the positive qualities of our partner and giving less importance to good actions. 

So now don’t look at your partner's flaws and try to see his goodness and see how positive your thoughts will become for your partner.

3 Appreciate And Acknowledge Your Partner

Appreciate and acknowledge your partnerMindset is the key to everything in life. What we think about our partner’s actions has the power to make our life joyful or depressing. Often people get caught up in fixing what’s wrong in their relationship and completely ignoring what are the good things or positive things in this relationship. 

Einstein said that “you can’t solve a problem with the same thought process that created it”

When two people are in a relationship, stay together, they do small-small things for each other. As the days pass, we forget to acknowledge those cute little things like making coffee or breakfast in the morning, getting flowers or gifts etc. Appreciating these little things definitely helps you to fall back in love with your partner again. 

4 Kindness Is The Key To Stay In Love

Kindness is the key to stay in loveResearches have shown that taking more loving actions actually makes you feel more in Love. At both, practical and personal front, try to be kind while expressing yourself this way, soften your partner in heated moments. 

Letting go of those things which bother you but can be adjusted.  in such case thinking positively and generously can actually help us. This creates space in our heart for a partner to come closer.

5 Engage In Lively Chats And New Experiences

Engage in lively chats and new experiencesIn the early stage of a relationship, there are lots of excitement and lots of chats. As time passes by with the hectic routine, we stop giving importance to those lovely chats which we initially used to do when we fell in love. The relationship can become practical and routine as they go on with the sharing of kids, finances, or household activities. 

The spirit of willingness to try new things adventures can create a spark between two people. Once you make time to do new things that make you both feel more alive! You can engage yourselves in camping, trekking or going for holidays together etc. it will rejuvenate your relationship.

6 Give Some Space To Your Partner When You Expect Space

Give some space to your partner when you expect spaceAs the relationship grows, we start sacrificing on many things which are part of us or what we use to love to do. Give your partner some space to do those things which lighten him or her up. 

Trying to place unnecessary restrictions or exert control can create the friction you want to love your partner for whom they are. 

You can pursue a hobby which is completely new to both the partners like cooking pottery making, painting etc. this gives a new perspective to you and your partner to see completely new you.

7 Physical Affection Plays Key Role

Physical affection plays key roleResearchers say that ‘Oxytocin’ neuropeptide, which promotes the feelings of devotion, trust and bonding. Being affectionate produces Oxytocin. Affection can not only be shown by sexual desire but also by doing small-small things like holding hands or hugging for more than a moment.

Take a little stroll down the memory lane and think of all those moments which made you fall in love with your partner. Remind yourself that this is the same person you couldn’t wait to be with.

Sharing intimacy is a powerful way to feel close to your partner.

8 Find Healthy Way To Vent Your Anger

Find healthy ways to vent your angerNobody is perfect. It is ok to be frustrated with your partner. When you are angry, neither sitting silently nor making strategies to show your partner his or her mistakes, can't be good for any relationship. 

Instead, you may want to open up to a friend therapist about your angry reactions. It’s really important to choose a person who is not biassed and judgmental.

Try to find out when you get annoyed with something; was the reaction worth or can you just laugh it off? There is one interesting method- if you are into making lists, then write down one thing every day that you are thankful to your partner for. Then at the end of the week, give him or her big hug and say thank you for all those things. 

        The truth is, the primary obstacle of love is within us only. Falling back in love with your partner is exercise. We fight with our own defences and if we win then we allow love to light our lives again. When you are in real love, you feel lost or get hurt. 

“Joy Comes With Sadness.” Give your relationship another chance. Falling back in love is the faith you choose to be together. 

Falling back in love isn’t a passive tumble into the past, but a leap of faith you actively take and continue to take every day you choose to be together. Not everyone is so lucky to have a loving partner and if you have got one, don't let the partner go. Like life, there are ups and downs in love also, but the one who progresses by defeating them all, spends a happy life and if you are ready to hold your partner's hand then no one can stop you.