Girl’s Education- Need Of The Hour

Girl’s Education- Need Of The Hour

If we look at the demographics of the world, India is the one who is the most populated country in the world. Despite being the most populated country, the rate of girls’ education is very low

It is quite painful and troubling to see the figures in a country where women are given the status of goddess. This figure is improving significantly, but there’s still a long way to go. 

Girl’s education has been a long-standing mission of the government of most countries where the sex ratio between girls and boys is unequal. In some parts of the African countries and other countries, the number of females is considerably low as compared to that of males. 

There is a need of the hour to safeguard the girl population in those countries, and this can only be achieved by promoting education. 

The government of those countries should implement some initiatives to save the girl and promote the Girl's education. India, for example, has taken up the initiative of “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” to save guard the girls by promoting education, especially girls' education. 

Education is very much important irrespective of the child, whether a boy or a girl. But there are certain countries, especially African countries, where girls are neglected most of the time and are not thought of to deserve education. 

Across history, it has been observed that women are neglected on all fronts. They are placed backward and are comparatively low as compared to the men, be it education or labor. This has happened in the earlier time because they thought that women did not possess any capability to take in education and education would not be serving than any purpose. 

In India, it was not until Raja Ram Mohan Roy stated the importance of education for women that could be established. 

Elements That Contribute To The Low Rate Of Girls' Education

Several factors make it impossible for a girl to take proper education. Firstly, the poverty and the poverty rate are very much alarming. Even though the government of many countries has made education free, it still involves a substantial cost to send the girls to school. 

As a result of which, those families who are struggling to make ends meet fail to pay the education expense of their children. 

In most rural areas, there is not much school. The schools are located far away from their houses/villages, and this creates a distance problem. In most cases, the students need to walk for 3 to 4 hours to reach their school premises. 

And this creates a safety issue for the girls, and this is where the safety of girls is compromised, so parents don’t see it fit to send them off so far. 

The regressive thinking of certain people makes it tough for the Girl to get an education. Certain people in society believe that girls are only meant to do the household chores and look after the kitchen. 

They don’t allow their girls to do other tasks except for the household ones. Child labor and child marriage are the other social evils that stop girls from getting an education.

Upliftment Of Girl’s Education 

Iswara Chandra Vidyasagar & Raja Ram Mohan Roy, during the British rule in India, played a vital role in the upliftment of girls' education. They were the first who pay attention to women's education. 

To make education available to the women of India, some leaders from the lower caste community like Baba Sahib Ambedkar and Jyotiba Phule took the various initiatives. 

Because of their efforts only after the independence, the government of India also adopted various measures and started initiatives to promote girls' education. Because of all these efforts, the literacy rate of women has grown up since 1947. 

Benefits Of Girls' Education

If we wish India to be progressive and developed, then we must promote the education of the girls. They are indeed the future of our nation. When they are educated, they don’t rely on others for their livelihood. Counties' futures will be bright and better if the girls are educated. 

Our country's economy will also boost and can grow faster if more and more women become financially strong, and this can strongly reduce or eliminate poverty. 

Women who are educated can take care of their children. This will automatically strengthen the future as lesser kids will die due to the lack of vaccination. 

Women will also be less likely to become a patient of AIDS/HIV as they become aware of the consequences. 

Educated women can also reduce the social evil issues like corruption, dowry, domestic violence, child marriage, etc., and many more. Educated women will become more confident and handle their families better in all the spheres. 

Educated women do influence their upcoming careers and are less likely to become the victims of domestic or sexual abuse. They are also better operational to contribute to their family earnings.