15 Father-Son Activities For Stronger And Deeper Bonding

15 Father-Son Activities For Stronger And Deeper Bonding

In most cases, parents are role models for children. When children come in adolescence age they actually start following their parents. Mothers are such a creation of God that they can express their love with both words and actions but this is not true in the case of fathers. Fathers also love their children but they are not as expressive in their words or actions as mothers are.

In order to keep teenagers attached to their parents, it is very important for parents to spend time with them. What our actions can teach, words cannot. Children when entering their teenage they like to watch action movies and somewhere compare those heroes with their father. If a son finds that his father is really a hero with his actions in family and society, it really makes a deep impact on his mind. When the son is influenced by his father it becomes so easy for a father to have healthy communication with him to guide and protect him from dark sides of our society.

As we discussed earlier since fathers are relatively less expressive in their words to showcase their love and affection towards their children. Then the question is how to make a deep bonding between a son and father, how to spend more time together and how to teach them day to day household things?

Here we have 15 suggestions for fathers of teens, which can be implemented to make their bond stronger with their sons.

1 Camping Adventure

A camping adventure is a very unique experience in itself. It could turn out to be a great learning opportunity from survival skills prospective.

2 Playing Outdoor Games During The Weekend

Imagine father and son are playing together as rivals! Son can learn a lot from his father similarly father will come to know about the strengths and weakness of his son. This will also build friendly behaviour between them.

3 Creating Crafts

This could also be a great way to learn something different and spend time together. Both are working on the same project and sharing ideas. Definitely it may break all kinds of hesitation between them.

4 Going To Some Sports Event

Going out together and especially to a sports event can make wonderful memories. Cheering up and having favourite snacks together can also make unforgettable memories.

5 Work On Your Own Car/Bike

Washing, oiling and polishing your own car/bike in the presence of your son may not make him an engineer but this will definitely give him a sense of responsibility in order to keep your old assets well maintained.

6 Road Trip/Vacation

As a son who doesn’t want to go on vacation especially when going via your own car/ bike. A long drive through villages, farms and different atmosphere is going to make teen’s day. It will definitely make a father-son relationship stronger.

7 Going To Barbershop Together

It is a place where both have free time to discuss various matters. When it is a matter of new style, the father can open up a discussion about young interests and sex life too. Father as a friend can guide him on how to handle such matters perfectly and ethically.

8 Being A Volunteer

As we give importance to build communication and learn new things together, similarly helping others and having moral values are also very important aspects of life for both father and son. If the father works as a volunteer in front of his son, this would leave an ethical impact on the son.

9 Cooking Something Together

Who says that cooking is only for moms? On the weekend a lot can be learned by a son from his dad about cooking. Whether it’s a meal, snacks or a sweet dish, all can be cooked perfectly and served by these gentlemen to rest of the family. 

10 Mountain Biking

If we want to spend some more time together, mountain biking could be another good option. It can open new ways towards new and strong bonding between father and son.

11 Swimming Together

Learning swimming with his father will definitely make father and son good friends. Swimming gives quite good and relaxing time to have a healthy and open conversation on different topics.

12 Gardening

Living close to nature makes us happy from inside and routine gardening makes it even better. If the home lawn is handled by father and son together, it not only fills both of them with inner satisfaction but also keeps their bond strong.

13 Going To The library

Books can give another way to teach new and challenging things to son especially if father suggests those books. Sometimes certain issues are difficult to be discussed in these relations but books can make things easy for both father and son to have an open discussion.

14 Playing Indoor/Video Games

Similar to outdoor games indoor games also play a key role in making a bond between father and son stronger but the difference is that they can sit together and can enjoy moments in a better way.

15 Going To Live Concert

Normally teens like to enjoy live concerts with friends, but what if a father asks his son for his company for a live concert. It will give a different kind of feeling to son initially but after attending only first concert they both will feel comfortable in attending next concert together. It will make them close friends and will make communication between them better.

There can be a number of ways to spend time together for a father and a son. But the only way to make a deep bond between these two is spending more time together. Time plays a big role everywhere in this world. Every relation, every job and every desire demand time. Relation demands time for deep bonding, the job for promotion and desire for its fulfilment. When a son starts asking more suggestions for different situation in-spite of handling them by own, it shows that now the son is considering his father as his friend and guardian which is our desired result.