Family Relationship And Its Importance

Family Relationship And Its Importance

I was irritated, annoyed, I don’t know why and in that condition, was walking, don’t know for how long. I stopped when I realized that my feet were hurting. I sat on a bench. It was a beautiful evening, birds chirping and going back to their home (nest) to their kids. Mild sound of leaves with a soothing breeze. 

This scene brought me back to my sense a little and it made me think about the incident happened in the morning with my mother. I was really irritated with her. But not I am thinking, was that really necessary? I mean her life revolves around her kids, her family. 

Her sole intention was us, our studies, our food, our playtime. All she wanted and was telling me was, whatever you do, wherever you go in your life, give it a 100% with full concentration. Why was I so rude to her? We are her priority. 

With the sunset, the temperatures also came down. It was nice and pleasant.  The mild breeze, the rusting sound of leaves, birds chirping. 

I was feeling very relaxed, that’s when noticed a leaf fell down from the tree and was blown away by the wind. It made me think when that leaf was on the tree, it was looking strong, confident and the tree was looking beautiful. Where will that wind take the leaf? This thought again made me uncomfortable. 

I wanted to go back home where my mom, dad, my grandparents are there. I wanted to go back to my family. My family – where everyone is welcomed with a broad smile, where there is love, trust, where there are expectations and efforts taken to fulfil those expectations, where there is respect for elders. My home, my family of my loved ones.  

I started walking back to my home. I was not angry with my mom anymore. As I got closer to my house, I could sense the mild fragrance of incense stick, the light lit in front of god. The whole environment was so soothing. My family, every time when my mind plays tricks or while making important decisions, they give me strength and courage to do the right thing. I can proudly say that my family is my identity. 

What is Family?

Really, our family is so important for us. Family is like a tree. The branches might grow and go off into a different direction, but we all have the same root. 

The first entry of human being in the world is, into the family. We get two strong pillars in the form of parents. We grow, flourish on their shoulders. They take care of our likes, dislikes, expectations, ambitions. They make us understand between good and bad and provide us with a safe environment. 

Do you know, like us even animals also love their families, protect each other? Talk about extreme parenting and Penguins are the best example. The mother goes out for hunting and male emperor Penguin stands with eggs tucked in his feet warmly, in 40°F temperatures for 4 months. They take a turn and do not leave egg even for few seconds. Do you know why? Because it freezes. 

Dolphins are very co-operative. Bottlenose dolphins pods have been observed stirring up mud in shallow water to catch fish. With the help of another dolphin, a new mother will gently nudge her baby to the surface for its first breath. 

When a wolf talks, the whole packs listens. Every howl, bark, whine and growl means something different, whether it’s calling the family member to hunt or telling pups to behave. 

In a Meerkat family, everyone has some job to do. Some are guards, others are a construction worker and there are many babysitters watching their pups while their alpha parents hunt.  And the pups, their jobs to learn how to become a proper Meerkat.

Elephants are not just family, they are friends and friends help each other. One group was even observed building a dirt ramp so that a mom and baby could walk out of a hole. 

Importance Of Family

You can take the Indian out of the family, but you cannot take the family out of the Indian. Family is one of nature’s masterpiece. Family is an important institution that plays a central role in the lives of most Indians. 

As life puts pressure on all of us, the benefits of living in a family are more important than ever. A family is made strong through a number of factors. 


The most important one is of course love. It teaches the importance of love which you carry on forever in your heart. 


Secondly, loyalty strengthens a family. When you have a family, you are devoted to them; you stick by them through a hard time and celebrate in a happy time. A family always supports and backs each other in front of the third party.

Know The Values

Most importantly, the thing one learns from their family brings them closer. Our family is our first school. It gives us reason to stand by each other as are share the same values. 

One can’t emphasize enough on the importance of family. They play a great role in our lives and make us better a human being.