7 Dressing Tips For Women

7 Dressing Tips For Women

Everyone wants to look beautiful, be it tall or short, fat or thin, but it’s not so easy. Often people make such mistakes in buying clothes, due to which they start looking strange and clumsy instead of looking beautiful and attractive. Sometimes the mistake becomes so big that we also become the character of laughter. Don’t let this happen to you, so today we are telling you some special things, by following which you can also get a stylish and glamorous look. With the help of these tips, you can also hide your physical deficiencies, which you are not comfortable about.

1. Dressed in Perfectly Fitted Clothes, neither Too Loose nor Too Tight

If you are fat, you should not wear too loose nor tight clothes. Wear perfect fitting clothes. Often people think that wearing loose clothes will cover their obesity, but the opposite happens. You look fatty in loose clothes. On the other hand, if you think that by wearing tight clothes you will look slim, then this assumption is also wrong. Tight clothes will highlight your body shape, fats even more. So it’s better to wear perfectly fitted clothes.

2. Wearing Dark Coloured Clothes will Make You Look Fit

If you are fat, then you must have also noticed that you are more appreciated in Black or Navy Blue coloured clothes. This is because wearing dark coloured clothes makes you look slim. Therefore, whoever wants to look slim, should not wear light colours like White, Yellow, Cream at all. Instead, they should choose dark shades such as Blue, Brown, Grey, and Purple. At the same time, people who are slim should wear light colour and avoid dark colour.

3. Fat People Avoid Clothes with Very Large Print

To get an attractive and slim look, you also have to stop wearing big print clothes. Even if you have big beautiful flowers in your favourite dress. You should wear a dress with very small print. Yes, if you are skinny then wear a big print dress.

4. Wear a Vertical Print Dress, not Horizontal

If you are obese, then you should wear a dress with vertical print, not horizontal. This will make you look tall and slim. On the other hand, if you are thin, then you should wear a dress with horizontal print rather than a vertical print.

5. Wrong Idea of Wearing Loose Clothes to Look Healthy

Often slim people wear loose-fitting clothes to give themselves a slightly healthier look. They make the same mistake. In this way, they begin to look like clothes hung in hangers. It’s better that they wear clothes according to their size. If you want, you can make yourself look healthy by layering. Like, put a jacket over the shirt.

6. Alter Readymade Garments too According to Your Size

Many people like to wear readymade clothes but readymade clothes are also not perfect according to our size and people wear them as they are. This should be avoided. If you are a short heightened person then you should shorten jeans according to your height. If the Kurta is long, make it short. If it is a little loose, get the fitting done. Don’t wear readymade clothes as they are, thinking that, what makes the difference. Altered clothes will give you a smart look.

7. Get a Tall Look with a Single Colour Dress

If your height is short, then you should wear a single colour dress to look tall. Like a black top and black pants. When you wear different coloured clothes in the top and lower body, you divide your body equally in two parts. This makes your look shorter in height. You should also wear vertical print clothes; this will make you look taller. Also, you should wear clothes that perfectly fit you. Don’t wear loose clothes at all. Instead of wearing low-waist jeans/pants, wear high-waist jeans/pants. This will make the legs look longer.

Follow These Tips Too:

  • First of all, search for the colour wheel on the internet and understand it. Once you understand this, then you will be able to do colour-combination of clothes well.
  • If your height is short, then you should wear only high-waist bottoms like high waist Jeans or Jagging’s, this creates the illusion of getting your legs longer.
  • If you wear a tie, it should only be up to the belt. it should not go below the belt nor reach far above the belt. Just make sure that it only touches the belt.
  • If you wear a shirt, never open the top two buttons. It makes a bad impression.
  • If wearing formal pants, be sure to wear a belt.
  • Not every day, but if you wear a tummy tucker inside your dress on any special occasion, your tummy will not look at all and you will look slim.
  • Those with a short height should not wear palazzo. They must wear leggings or narrow pants. 
  • Women who are obese may wear shrugs or long sleeveless jackets to hide their side fat.
  • Plus size women should wear saree with open pallu so that tummy is covered.
  • If wearing a white dress, it is better to wear a skin colour bra. If you also wear a white bra under white then it will be highlighted separately. Skin colour will not be seen at all.
  • If you have a short height or a short neck, it is better not to wear a high neck dress. Wear a V Neck dress instead. This will make the neck look much longer.