How To Deal With Exam Results Stress

How To Deal With Exam Results Stress

All parents want their children to do well in academics because it is considered in our society that good academic performance is very important. How well your child is studying, how intelligent he is, it is judged from the marks he gets in the result of the exam.

Whether you have appeared for your course exam or any entrance exam, it is very normal to feel stressed about its results.  Waiting for the results of any exam is a nail-biting experience which means causing great anxiety or tension. And not only the students but also their parents go through this stress.

However, you cannot change the result, because of the way you have solved the exam, the results will come in the same way. You cannot change the result, so being stressed will not help you.

Why You Are So Stressed?

The exams are really stressful. Preparing for the exam first, then appearing for the exam and then waiting for its results to see how you have done and it is understandable how stressful this wait will be. 

Apart from this, there might be some other reasons why you are stressed.

  • The pressure of expecting results of your expectations for the career or course you want.
  • The pressure of getting good results from parents and family.
  • Worrying about the future, will you make the right choices for the years ahead?
  • Stress is high when the results are related to your future career like leaving home, new friends, new environment, new place, etc.

It is normal to have stressed before the results, but if this stress increases more than normal, it’s a sign that you could be suffering from anxiety. 

Tips To Deal With Exam Results Stress

So let’s now see what better steps students and their parents can take to deal with this anxiety.

For Students:

1. Don’t Think About The Exams 

Worrying won't change your results; the point is that what’s done is done now. Repeatedly discussing with your friends what their answers were, what was yours, would make you more stressed. 

That is why do not always think about the given exam and get support about it so that you can take your next steps in your further education or employment journey. 

2. Keep Calm

The time span from examinations to results, if you always discussed or thinking of how you have answered the questions, can make you stressed and your confidence may stagger. 

To overcome your fear in such a situation, keep on moving in your life. You can't predict your results, so what will you get by being stressed? So Dear Students, try to stay calm and spend time with happiness.  After all, “Happiness is the key to life.”

3. Avoid Those People Who Can Increase Your Stress

Every so often people around us or our friends constantly stress us by asking about the exam and its results. This leads to negativity on our mind. It can bring a feeling of negativity towards yourself. So it is good to avoid such people and friends and focus on yourself.

4. Try Relaxation Techniques

To relieve stress, you should try some techniques that will relax you, like

  • Talk to a friend that how you are feeling, on whom you are confident that he will not tell this to anyone else. You will be relaxed.
  • Identify and accept your weaknesses and strengths.
  • To relieve stress, express yourself through writing, art, music, fashion, sports, etc. 
  • Try to change your reaction to the stress and anxiety by keep on telling yourself that, OK! Calm down, everything will be alright”
  • Consider your hobbies and things you like to do.
  • Learn something new that you always think you should learn.
  • Spend fun moments with parents, other family members and friends.
  • Regular exercise will also help to reduce your stress.
  • Outing and trip will also help you combat the stressed environment. 

For Parents

1. Don’t Always Discuss The Results

Parents often inadvertently talk to their children about the results and the numbers they will be supposed to get and as such, parents stressed themselves as well as their children too. In such a situation the child may feel that he will love and value in the eyes of his parents only when he achieves the goal set by parents.

Instead of doing this, assure your children, whatever the outcome, you are always with him and tell him that, “I am sure you have tried your best. “

2. It’s Wrong To Compare With Others

No child likes that his parents compare him with another child. Just like two people can’t be the same, two children also can’t be the same. Your child is already in stress and you will increase his stress by comparing his performance with others. 

3. Unconditional Support 

The old traditional way went when parents were strict with their children. But in today's changing world, you should not strict with your children, but make them believe that whatever happens, you will support them.

 If you are not supportive then your children will be afraid of you and will fall prey to wrong habits like lying. Supporting your child unconditionally will ensure that he does not take unhealthy stress, does not take any drastic steps and will keep the doors open for other aspects of the future.

4. Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations 

Every parent's expectations from their children are sometimes unrealistic, mainly when it comes to academics. You can't expect that every child should be the topper of their class. Securing good marks is important for students, but parents should be realistic. 

So check again the expectations set for your child's performance as lest of your unrealistic expectations, you are giving them additional stress. 

5. Stop Worrying About Society And People

What people will think? It’s not important, important is how your child feels. And also keep in mind that your child's results do not describe your social status or standing in society. 

So don't ruminate what people will say about your child's test results because often when you really need these people, these people are never with you. 

6. Notice The Signs Of Stress 

Children are under tremendous stress while waiting for exam results and due to this stress, they may have symptoms like insomnia, indigestion, abdominal pain, headache, irritability, loss of appetite. They also do not enjoy activities that they like and they sound very hopeless.

It is the ultimate duty of parents to soothe their child's anxiety and lift his spirits. You assure them by saying that whatever the result will come, you will always support them. 

7. Your Child Is Special

Your child is very special because he/she is your child. You may have high expectations from him but accept and understand that your child is not you. Definitely your child is more important than what he achieves. 

And remember this thing always that your child's future does not entirely depend on the exam results.

Now we will talk about those things, what students and their parents should do?

The Day Before Results Day 

  • Stress levels are highest on the day before results day. In this period, avoid taking coffee or energy drinks as these can increase the level of stress. 
  • Try to stay away from social media and other sites where there is too much discussion about the results, it may bother you.
  • Go for a walk, read your favourite book, watch a movie or a comedy show, eat good food, do physical activity, etc. so that your mind gets a little bit away from the stress of the results and relax. 

On Results Day 

  • Be with your parents on the announcement of results day because they can help you calm your nerves because at that time you are eagerly searching for your roll number.
  • Also, if you have not achieved expected results or things go wrong, they would be there with you with much-extended support

After The Results Declared

  • Whatever the results, accept it.
  • If you have achieved what you have expected, celebrate.
  • Don’t feel sad even if the result is less than you expected; try to improve yourself in future. In such a situation, parents should encourage their children and celebrate what your child has achieved.
  • It’s very important to celebrate all achievements even if they are not what you expected, the efforts of the children must be appreciated.

After all this, the topic on which we will now discuss, hardly anyone will want to think on that topic, and that topic is how to deal with bad results? 

Here, we are sharing some Tips For Dealing With Bad Results:

  • Try to promote your child's positivity regardless of the consequences.
  • Assure him/her that you are with him to work through the next steps.
  • Try to explain to him that bad or unexpected results are the perfect opportunity to think and change your study techniques seriously.
  • Remind your child of his/her good qualities and encourage.
  • Children's future does not depend entirely on the results of anyone exam.
  • Pay more attention where you are weak
  • Move Forward. Focus on good things. Where there is a will, there is a way.”

So, Parents, Your views are most important to your child. If you accept as they are, there are more chances to succeed in his/her life.