Best Diwali Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Best Diwali Gifts for Your Loved Ones

No Diwali is complete without a beautiful gift for your loved ones. In this article, you can find some ideas about giving a perfect gift to your loved ones to make them happy.

Diwali or Deepawali is a festival of lights. Sanskrit word of Diwali is Deepavali, which means Row of Lights. It is one of the most-awaited and biggest festivals in India which lasts for five days. As per Hindu calendar, it starts from 13th day of the dark half of the lunar month (Krishna Paksha) till 2nd day of light half (Shukla Paksha) of Kartika (Autumn) month. Mainly Diwali is the festival celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and some Buddhists. Many religious stories are associated with celebrating Diwali. Whatever may be the reason, this festival is celebrated everywhere in the country with great enthusiasm. The houses, offices, shops, malls are lighted and decorated with lamps and rangolis and variety of food and sweets are made. It is generally a time for visiting, exchanging gifts, cleaning and decorating houses, feasting, setting off fireworks display and wearing new clothes.

5 Days of Diwali

Diwali is a 5-day festival and each day has its own different significance and way of celebration.

  • Dhanteras or Dhantrayodashi is the first day of Diwali. The word Dhanteras, “Dhan” means Wealth and as its name indicates, Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped to provide prosperity and wellbeing.   On this day people clean their homes and shop for gold or kitchen utensils to help bring good fortune.
  • Narak Chaturdashi or Chhoti Diwali falls on the second day of Diwali. This day has celebrated the victory of Lord Krishna over Narakasur. Women make beautiful coloured rangolis in doorways and courtyards. Chhoti Diwali celebration involves a ritual pooja to Goddess Lakshmi and also to Rama in the evening.
  • Lakshmi Pooja, the third day of Diwali festival and most important one of Diwali festival. Despite an Amavasya falls on Lakshmi Pooja day, it is considered the most auspicious. Families gather together for Lakshmi Pooja, and to welcome the Goddess, people clean their houses, decorate with lights, wear new clothes, and prepare sweets followed by firework festivities.
  • Padwa or Bali Pratipada and Gowardhan Pooja is the fourth day of Diwali. On this day King Bali began to rule the Palat Lok as per the boon given by Lord Vishnu. Also, it is celebrated as Gowardhan Pooja in North India as Lord Krishna lifted to Gowardhan hill (small hill in Braj, near Mathura, UP) to provide the shelters to villagers from heavy rains. This is also called the first day of New Year when friends and relatives visit with gifts and best wishes for the season. 
  • Bhai Dooj is the fifth and last day of Diwali. It is a day to pray for the long life of the brother. According to religious scriptures, Yamraj (God of Death) visited his sister Yami on this day after a long period of separation. He was so pleased with her sister’s reception. Since then till today this tradition is followed.

In today’s busy lifestyle, Diwali gives an opportunity to pause and be grateful for what we have, to make special memories with family and friends, to laugh and enjoy what life offers us.

Celebration with Diwali Gifts

Diwali is the festival of lights but also a festival of sharing joy and happiness with each other. It is a normal ritual to gift each other with sweets and other different things.

The exchange of heartfelt gifts during Diwali these days have become a mandatory part of the celebration. Friends, families and colleagues share with each other Diwali gifts as a gesture of showing love and affection. Also, special and royal treat with delicious food that mandatorily includes different varieties of sweets is the special attraction of the occasion.

Now the most important question arises that what should be given as Diwali Gift? Selecting a perfect and suitable gift for someone is very challenging.  Here are some tips to get a gift according to the relationship.

1. Diwali Gifts for Parents:

Parents never stop caring and looking after their children, no matter how old they get. So make sure you don’t miss out your parents while buying the Diwali Gifts. Also, whatever gift you give to your parents, they will love it.

  1. Fitbit – Fitness wristband that keeps a track of your body (pulse rate, blood pressure, sleep patterns, reminders, etc.), display notifications and sets reminders for physical activities.
  2. Air Purifier – With pollution growing across the country, Air Purifier is the best option to gift your parents because it can help to prevent diseases caused by air pollution to some extent.         
  3. Precision Cooker – It is a device for cooking that can be controlled via Bluetooth and WiFi. Also knowing the right temperature of the dish will give you an idea about how much time would it need to get food ready when to add spices and other ingredients to maintain the nutritional value of food
  4. Watch or Couple Watches – Watch is a timeless gift. They last forever and it can be used life long as it doesn’t spoil easily.
  5. Optimal Brew Coffee Maker – WiFi-enabled smart coffee maker which can be controlled by the WeMo app on phone. This new-age coffee maker can be programmed with a 7 days schedule that will command it to prepare a cup of coffee when you need it.
  6. Set of Silver Bowls:  This is a wonderful gift and precious too.  These can be used in various occasions and also can be used in the ritual of Diwali while worshipping Goddess Lakshmi.
  7. Home Décor Lights: As Diwali is the festival of lights, gifting decorative lights or fancy diyas will be appreciated and those gifts keep the mood of the festival alive.
  8. Door Hanging (Toran) – In Diwali, everyone cleans and decorate their houses. So door hanging or toran will also be the best gift to decorate your home.
  9. Diyas with Divinity: Diya is an important part of all pooja rituals in Hindu’s home. Bring prestige and divine energy to your home by gifting diyas with divinity.
  10. Apparels - Diwali is an occasion when it is considered auspicious to wear new clothes and you can make the day even more special for your parents by buying them new apparels to be worn for the Diwali Puja.
  11. Gold or Silver Coin- Tradition of gifting Gold or Silver coin is very much alive. As on Lakshmi Pooja, Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped to provide prosperity and wellbeing, gifting this, is also one of the best gifts for your parents.

2. Diwali Gifts for Husband:

Diwali is the festival of lights and crackers but let’s not forget the festival also gives us an opportunity to make our loved ones special. Make Diwali celebration of your husband special with unique gifts.

  1. Apparels - Gift your husband a nice outfit matching to his personality and make him realize how much you love him. You can gift him a traditional outfit or a formal one of his favourite brand.
  2. Accessories - Some accessories like leather belt, wallet, shoes, watch, goggles, cuff links, and tie pins and so on could be another suitable gift for your husband. These small things cannot just make him happy but give him an executive and royal looks where ever he goes.
  3. Grooming Kit- It is a wonderful Diwali Gift for men as they don’t bother to buy for themselves. A Grooming Kit must include shaving kit, trimmer, face wash, body wash, lip balm, hair styling essentials, sunscreen, deodorant or perfume, hydrating moisturizer, exfoliating scrub.
  4. Gadgets- Whether a child or a grown-up adult, everybody loves gadgets. These are the things that people are excited about, especially men.  You can get the latest gadget for your husband as a Diwali Gift for him.
  5. Framed Pictures with some Flowers and Sweets- Make this Diwali special for your husband by gifting him a framed picture of you both with some flowers and of course sweets

3. Diwali Gifts for Wife:

She is the reason, why your life is worth celebrating and no festival is complete without her. And if that reason is not enough to gift her something this Diwali, let us tell you, it is also a tradition to do so. So, loosen your purse, it’s time to make your wife feel special by gifting her Diwali Gift.

  1. Jewellery- We all knows how much women love to have Jewellery. And what’s the better occasion than Diwali in which Gold and Silver are brought all over the country as a ritual of this festival.
  2. Home Appliances- One of the best gift ideas for your wife is Home Appliance like Microwave Oven, Juicer or Blender, Washing Machine, Induction Stove etc. It will make her work easier and always remind her how much you care for her.
  3. Home Décor- Like home appliances, Home Décor items like Furnishings, Wall Accents and Art, Showpieces, Spirituals and Indoor Plants will also a good idea to gift her.
  4. Cosmetics and Perfumes- By gifting Cosmetics and Perfumes from her favourite brand will definitely love by her as it will tell her that you would always want her to look her best.
  5. Accessories- Another excellent Diwali Gift idea for your beloved wife is accessories like Hand Bag or Purse, Goggles, Leather Belt, Watch, and brings a sparkle to her eyes this Diwali.
  6. Apparels- By gifting her Traditional Apparel, which she can wear for the Diwali Pooja to make the occasion even more special for her.

4. Diwali Gifts for Kids:

Kids love anything that is gift wrapped and looking at that smile is so priceless. This innocence has nothing to do with the price of the gift and the brand. All that matter to kids is just a “Gift”. Here you can find out some Diwali Gifts ideas for kids that are useful for both girls and boys.

  1. Clothes – Usually we bought new clothes for our children for every festival and occasion. Just like that on the auspicious occasion of Diwali, buy a combination of Traditional and Trendy Clothes for boys and girls.
  2. Sweet Delight- Every kid love chocolates too much. You can prepare a Chocolate Gift Hamper and fill it with different types of chocolates. This Sweet Delight can bring a smile on your kid’s face.
  3. Gadgets- The kids of this generation are well familiar with Gadgets and if your kid like Gadgets, then it will be better to gift her / him a Smart Watch, Learner Toy Laptop or a Smart Learning Tablet to keep them entertained and happy for hours.
  4. Crackers –‘Diwali’ for kids means lots of Firecrackers and how can we forget to bring Firecrackers for children in Diwali. Kids enjoy bursting crackers on Diwali but as a responsible citizen, you should buy the Crackers that do not cause sound pollution and are entertaining at the same time. Ask your kids to burst Crackers under adult supervision and explain fire safety rules to him.
  5. Art Material – It is a delightful gift and a great option to boost your child’s creativity. Kids enjoy colouring, drawing, painting and crafting. You can gift Coloured Pencils, Scented Markers, Paints, Crayons, Colouring Sets, Drawing Sheets, Sketchbooks, Doodle Book, and Clay Kits.  
  6. Educative Activity Boxes- A wonderful Diwali Gift for your kid to keep him happily engaged for long. Educative Activity Boxes includes a pack of Workbooks and Activities that are age-appropriate and help in improving a child’s Focus, Creativity, Problem Solving Skills, Reading and Comprehension abilities.
  7. Toys and Board Games- Kids never have enough toys. Robots, Train Sets, Laser Guns, and Remote controlled Cars also make for fascinating gifts. Board games like Snakes and Ladders, Sequence, Ludo, Life, Scrabble, Monopoly, Cluedo, Jenga, and Chess are perfect Diwali gifts for children. Such indoor games will teach your child to Share, Teamwork, learn about Competition, Math, Planning, Coordination, Counting, and Patience. In addition, this is a great option for afternoons of Diwali vacation and other vacations.
  8. Personalized Gifts- You can make your kid feel extra special by creating a customized gift for him/her as per their personal choice. You can gift him/her Personalized T-Shirt, Sweatshirts, Cushions, Towels, Backpacks, Pouches, Mugs and Stationery.

5. Diwali Gifts for Sister:

Sister, whether elder or younger will always be special for a brother. She is the easiest target to be teased and attack. She is someone who grows, cries, and laughs with you. No matter how far apart you are, you will always be connected by the heart. The bond with a sister is definitely a special one.

Express your desire of sharing all the happiness with Diwali festivities to your sister by giving her a Diwali gift. Selecting gifts for sister can be tricky. In case you are unable to decide on a perfect Diwali Gift for your sister, here are some traditional and trendy Diwali gift ideas to choose from.

  1. Traditional Dress or Saree- One of the oldest tradition of Diwali is to wear new clothes.  Traditional Dress or Saree could be a perfect Diwali Gift for your sister. For a young teenage sister, you can gift her Western or Traditional and Trendy outfits as per her choice.
  2. Handbags and Designer Purses- You can also look for a set of handbags to go with her favourite dresses. Some are practical, made for everyday use; others are decorative and flashy, meant for use on special occasions. A good mix of such bags can be a superb Diwali gift.
  3. Custom Jewellery- All women appreciate Jewellery no matter how old one is. Some prefer the old traditional temple style while others prefer the more trendy and delicate designs. Know your sister’s taste and gift her a nice piece of Jewellery this Diwali.
  4. Beauty Gifts- As all the girls like cosmetics, you can pick this as a suitable option to go with. These gifts will be of use while making her cosmetic collection growing with different shades.
  5. Smart Phone- Smart Phone is also a good choice as a Diwali Gift to your sister because this is truly a useful item and it has also become a craze. If your sister already has one, never mind, she will definitely welcome another with few additional features.
  6. Book- You can also gift her Set of Books of the authors which she likes more. This will also be a wonderful gift for your book-loving sister.
  7. Collage Photo Frames- Collect the photos from your childhood till date and make a Collage Photo Frame. These photo frames will remind her of the good days of your childhood so give her a bunch of memories this Diwali to relive so that you could share some smiles at times.

6. Diwali Gifts for Brother:

It’s a time to show some love to your loving and caring brother. Diwali makes a perfect occasion for showering love and affection on your brother by gifting him with Diwali Gifts.

  1. Leather Portfolio Bag-These bags are useful office bags and can accommodate all required accessories like pens, ID card, mobile phone, files, and spectacles. They are comfortable and sturdy. This could a good option for your elder brother as Diwali Gift.
  2. Trendy and Latest Gadgets- Another best option to gift your brother is trendy and latest gadgets like New Cell Phone, iPod, Digital Camera, Portable Media Player, Electronic Recharging Station, Lap Desk for Laptop, Travel Organizer and many more.
  3. Accessories- Another suitable gift for your brother is his Accessories like Belt, Wallet, Shoes, Watch and Sunglasses etc.
  4. Sports Accessories- If your brother is into some sports activities, then gift him something related to sport that he loves or it could be a Cap, Jersey, T-shirt, Shoes, Sport Jeans etc.
  5. Apparels- Your brother will surely appreciate a Branded Shirt, Jacket or Waist Coat or traditional clothes like Kurtas, Sherwanis and Designer Dhotis. Such gifts last for many years and will remind him of your thoughtfulness and love.
  6. Dry Fruit Pack – A very interesting option for Diwali Gifts to brother is a Mixture of Dry Fruit Pack decorated in a traditional bag with golden threads and ribbons.

7. Diwali Gifts for Son:

Whether he is a crazy adventurous guy or a classic traditional gentleman, no matter how old he gets, the feeling a son goes through when he gets surprise Diwali Gift from his parents is exceptionally blissful.

  1. Leather Jacket- Despite so many changes in fashion trends, a Leather Jacket is a timeless and iconic fashion piece that every style-conscious man should have in his wardrobe. It is competently the best Diwali Gift for your son.
  2. Gift Cards- Gift Cards are the modern way of gifting nowadays. Choose anyone from the categories like entertainment, travel, health, fashion, apparel and many more as Diwali Gift for your son.
  3. Online Channel Membership- Online channels are more popular nowadays, and everyone wants to be a part of this exciting content. Receiving a membership card for a few months or a year will surprise your son pleasantly, and this will be an unforgettable Diwali Gift.
  4. Gym Membership- A sedentary lifestyle and increasing stress levels are not uncommon in today’s young generation. Insufficient physical activity leads to a decline in energy, stamina and health. Regular exercise keeps you energized and helps you carry out your daily activities more efficiently. Gym Membership would be a very thoughtful and different idea to show how much you take care of your son’s health.
  5.  Accessories- These are very common but useful gift items that can’t be ignored. Your son will surely appreciate accessories like branded watch, shoes, wallet, belt, sunglasses, backpack, perfume and many more.
  6. Apparels- Just like accessories, apparels are also useful. Gift your son this Diwali a traditional outfit or a formal wear pair of shirt and trousers.
  7. Gadgets- This would also be a great idea to gift a latest and trendy gadget like Mobile Phone, Bluetooth speaker, Laptop, Smart Speakers,  to your son.

8. Diwali Gifts for Daughter:

When it comes to buying a Diwali Gift and that too for your daughter, it would not be wrong to say that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, in order to keep you away from this state of dilemma, we suggest your best gift ideas for your loving daughter.

  1. Handbag or Purse- Bag or purse is a thing of everyday use. You can look for a handbag to go with her favourite dress or decorative and flashy, meant for use on special occasions. A good mix of such bags can be a superb Diwali gift.
  2. Accessories- Another excellent Diwali Gift idea for your loving daughter is to add some more accessories to her collection like a branded watch, wallet, fancy footwear, leather belt and many more.
  3. Apparels- You can gift your daughter a traditional and trendy outfit that she can wear for Diwali Pooja.
  4. Temple Jewellery- Keeping the festive occasion in mind, a Temple Jewellery set will be ideal. Something she can pair beautifully with her traditional outfit during Diwali Pooja.
  5. Gift Cards- One of the latest trends of gifting these days is Gift Cards. By giving this as Diwali Gift to your daughter (entertainment, travel, health, fashion, apparel and many more) you can make the occasion more special for her.
  6. New Cell Phone – Your daughter will appreciate a new cell phone anytime with additional new features this Diwali as a gift.
  7. Jewellery Box- This is a gift of great use. End her worries of keeping her jewellery assembled and gift her beautiful box to arrange them all in a single box.

9. Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend:

A woman is someone who adds meaning to a man’s life whether she is a wife or girlfriend. A girl/female who you love, admire, respect and desire to be with and also who makes you laugh, smile and realize what true happiness, is a girlfriend. So it is more necessary to appreciate her by doing small little things for her and Diwali is the occasion to make her feel special by presenting her a meaningful Diwali Gift.

  1. Charming Jewellery- Girls can’t just resist their love for having new jewellery gifted to them. This Diwali gifts her loads of happiness through magnificent and charming designed jewellery whether traditional or modern, in her style.
  2. Apparel-Nothing brings cheer to a girl’s life as shopping does. Buy your girlfriend traditional apparel, which she can wear for Diwali Pooja to make the occasion even more special for her. If she prefers western wear, gift her something she will look stunning in.
  3. Perfumes and Fragrances- Perfumes and fragrances make every girl feel loved and pampered. So gifting the fragrance of her favourite brand will be an ideal Diwali Gift for your girlfriend.
  4. Cosmetics- Well this is an ultimate gift. Every girl secretly wishes that her boyfriend would someday gift the cosmetics of her loved brand.
  5. Watch- If you are looking to an alternative to gifting jewellery to your girlfriend, a watch is probably what you need. Watch is a timeless gift which lasts forever and can be used lifelong if carefully handled.
  6. Striking Handbag- Handbags or Clutches are essential accessories for women, so your girlfriend will love something as useful as Diwali Gift from you.
  7. Surprise Dinner and Movie Date- Make her Diwali special by planning a very special evening with a movie and surprise dinner at her favourite restaurant. But keep this gift reserved for the next day or after Diwali as you have to celebrate Diwali at home.
  8. Spa/Salon Voucher- Pamper your girlfriend by presenting her voucher of the best spa and salon and give her a chance for relaxing and having a makeover this Diwali.

10. Diwali Gifts for Boyfriend:

Every men and boy in your life play an important role in protecting you from the evils of the outside world. They offer support, care, and love that are beyond words. He is the person who helps in your deeds and encourages living a life of your dreams. So, this important personality of your life needs to feel special on occasions and festivals. Nothing works better than gifts when it comes to express the feelings and emotions for special persons of your life. So make him feel special this Diwali by presenting him a wonderful Diwali Gift.

  1. Smart Watch- Men like their gadgets and we like them to wear something fashionable. This is an all-time hit gift which suits every occasion and festival. Buy a Smart Watch for your boyfriend as a Diwali Gift and make the festival special for him.
  2. Grooming Kit- It is a wonderful Diwali Gift for your boyfriend as he doesn’t bother to buy for himself. A Grooming Kit must include shaving kit, trimmer, face wash, body wash, lip balm, hair styling essentials, sunscreen, deodorant or perfume, hydrating moisturizer, exfoliating scrub.
  3. Accessories- Some accessories like leather belt, wallet, shoes, watch, sunglasses, cuff links, and tie pins and so on could be another suitable gift for your boyfriend. These small things cannot just make him happy but expresses your love and affection to him.
  4. Online Channel Membership- Receiving an online channel membership card for a few months or a year will surprise your boyfriend pleasantly and this will be an unforgettable Diwali Gift for him.
  5. Gym Membership- Gym Membership would be a very thoughtful and different idea of Diwali Gift to show how much you take care of your boyfriend’s health.
  6. Apparels- Your boyfriend will surely appreciate a Branded Shirt, traditional clothes like Kurtas. Such gifts last for many years and will remind him of your thoughtfulness and love.
  7. Trendy and Latest Gadgets-You can get the trendy and latest gadget for your boyfriend as Diwali Gift for him. These are the things that people are excited about, especially men and he will definitely like the way you think about him.  

As far as Indian culture is concerned, every relationship is important to be it parents, friends, sisters and brothers, husband and wife, kids, boyfriend and girlfriend. At times, you tend to take relationships for granted, but there are occasions like Diwali when you can revamp your relationships and bring back the sentiments.