10 Amazing Benefits Of Exercise For Teenagers

10 Amazing Benefits Of Exercise For Teenagers

Whatever stage of human life, exercise is an important part of keeping the body healthy and when it comes to teenage years, especially at this age, benefits of exercise can help you to establish healthy habits and achieve success in many areas of life.

Regular exercise not only helps teenagers in physical development but also helps in maintaining mental health. You must have heard countless times that exercise is the key to good health, but it really helps you feel good too and when we feel good, our mental health is also good.

As per doctor’s advice, teens should exercise (moderate to vigorous physical activity) for at least 60 minutes regularly and teenagers should be at least sedentary. Regular exercise leads to the overall development of teenagers, sharpen brain, reduces mental stress and also controls mood swings.

The most important thing is that there are many benefits of exercise for teenagers such as healthy heart, strong muscles and bones, and better mental health etc.

Effective Exercises For Teenagers

Exercise is important for every age group, but, exercising in teenage helps in many ways such as reducing stress, burning extra calories, and also reflect a positive attitude towards academics.

So encourages your teenager and include exercise in the daily diary along with school, study and meal rules.  Here, you can find a list of which exercises are beneficial for teenagers.

A Walk

A walk

A walk, at any time of the day, is the best exercise for teens but going for a brisk walk in the morning is very effective. Regular walking helps in:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight and toned body. 
  • Build up the muscles and strengthens bones.
  • Prevents heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.  

Jogging – Faster Than Walking & Slower Than Running

Jogging-faster than walking and slower than runningJogging is an exercise that increases body stamina and it is very important to increase the stamina of the body in teenage years because,

  • It improves cardiovascular fitness.
  • Helping to cope with depression and anxiety.
  • The interesting thing is that you can easily jog while talking with your friend or family member.


RunningEven if running is tedious and painful, it is still the best exercise to keep yourself fit. Its benefits are

  • It is free and accessible as it does not require any special equipment.
  • Improves health and reduces the body’s stress hormones.
  • Helps to build strong bones.

Bike Riding Or Cycling 

Bike riding or cyclingCycling is also a good exercise option for teenagers. There are many reasons why you can enjoy cycling

  • Reduces the risk of coronary disease in future and also strengthens immune health.
  • It is the best way to practice your coordination skills because you need to move both feet around the circles and have to balance your body by handling the steering.
  • Doing with friends and family gives pleasant experience and the most important thing is that it does not pollute the environment.


swimmingIf you do not like exercising in sweat, then swimming is a superb option for you. It not only keeps your body toned but also;

  • It gives your whole body a great workout, including your core. In short, it’s an overall workout for your body.
  • It will make your body more flexible. 
  • It is exciting and enjoyable. 

Jumping Rope

jumping rope

Rope jumping is a full-body workout and also one of the best calorie burners. Apart from this, there are many more benefits for rope jumping;

  • Improve heart health and toning the body.
  • Improve stamina and bone density.
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

How To start Rope Jumping?

  • Holding the handle of the rope in both your hands, adjust it by placing feet on it and shorten it to your armpits.
  • Place the rope behind your feet and turn it towards the front. When the rope reaches your leg, jump and keep the leg straight. And softly put the feet back on the ground.
  • Initially do this for 1 minute. Later, increase the time gradually as you become comfortable. 

Precautions To Be Taken

  • Wear athletic shoes which are properly fitted and shock-absorbing.
  • Do warm-up for 10 minutes before jumping rope.
  • Sip energy drinks (electrolyte water) before and after workouts.
  • Finally, stretch the body and cool down. 



Research has proved that dance provides physical, developmental and artistic benefits. When there are so many benefits together, what is the harm in dancing? Apart from toning the body and reducing weight, dance has many other benefits.

  • Helps to develop better self-confidence
  • It is a great way to connect people of similar interest. 
  • The biggest benefit of dance is that it stimulates the child's imagination and increases personal creativity.


crunchesCrunch, the most popular exercise for the abdomen, strengthens your abs and core muscles. Lying on the back (hands should be behind the neck or cross over the chest) with folded legs and lifting the head and shoulders upwards is a crunch. If you do this correctly then it is very beneficial.

  • The best exercise for burning fats.
  • This can be done anywhere, even if you are on vacations, as it is an exercise without any equipment and does not require any gym membership. 


planksTeens who are learning karate or boxing know very well what planks are? Planks have many benefits for your body like your physique, mood etc.  And of course, its benefits will last for a lifetime.

It is an isometric exercise that strengthens all the major muscles of your abdomen as well as the muscles of the back, chest, neck, glute (located in the buttocks and one of the strongest muscles in the human body, responsible for hip and thigh movement) etc.

  • Intensify metabolisms and improves joint and bone health.
  • Reduce back pain and strengthens the core.
  • Reduces stress and boosts mood.

In the above picture, you will know how to do a plank pose.


push-upsPush-ups are a fast and competent way to increase body strength. Just like crunches, it can be done anywhere because it also doesn’t need any equipment.  It is one of the best exercises for teenagers but remember, you have to do this properly.

  • Increase upper body strength.
  • Develops biceps and triceps.
  • Makes the body flexible, energetic and strengthens the immune system.

Tips For Exercise

  • Always wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Eat small meals 1 or 2 hours before. Do not exercise immediately after meals
  • Always keep a water bottle or electrolyte with water and drink it in between to prevent dehydration.
  • Never exercise too much, it can harm the body.
  • Do any exercise initially under the supervision of a trainer.
  • Initially, keep the small exercise sessions for 20-30 minutes and gradually increase it up to 60 minutes because later your body becomes comfortable for it. 
  • Take a break of 10-15 seconds in a repetition of each activity.
  • Always follow these 3 steps one by one for exercise, first 10 minutes Warm-Up, 30-40 minutes Main Exercise and last 10 minutes to Cool Down. While cooling down session, stretch your body and breathe. 
  • Always keep in mind one thing, along with exercise; a nutritious diet is also important. 

Benefits Of Regular Exercise For Teenagers

Let us now know what the benefits of regular exercise to teenagers are:

Keeps The Weight Under Control

When it comes to exercise, it makes sense to talk about weight. The number of calories you eat and drink should be equal to the energy you burn, only then your weight will be under control. And exercise is an effective way to control your weight and reduce obesity.

The body weight remains under control with most of the exercises, but walking is the best.

Strengthens The Bones And Muscles

Regular exercise creates strong bones that can slow bone density loss with age in later life. Also, regular exercise also makes the muscles strong, which helps in increasing their strength. And strong bones and strong muscle means a fit body. 

Improves Mental Health And Mood

Regular exercise releases some happy hormones (endorphins) from your body that improve your mood and make you feel more relaxed which helps you cope with stress and reduce the risk of depression. In such a situation, mood improves and the focused and sharp mind.

Develops Personality 

Exercises such as swimming increase self-esteem, self-confidence and self-determination, because as we have already said that the happy hormones emitted by exercise in the body keep the mood improved. Physical activity can increase the confidence level in teens.

Preventing From Getting Sick

Exercise increases your immunity, so it protects you from the common cold, cough and viral infections. That is why by exercising regularly you will not get sick very often.

Helps Sleep Better

Regular exercise can help you sleep well and sleep longer. When you do regular exercise then you can start a healthy sleeping routine, and it is very important to have a deep and sound sleep in the teenage years because you get relief from the mental and physical fatigue of the day.

Healthy And Beautiful Skin

Regular exercise increases blood circulation in the body and increases oxygen circulation which helps in removing toxins from the skin. It helps distribute important nutrients in the body to make the skin healthier. This results in glowing and acne-free skin.

Increases Stamina And Energy Level

Regular exercise increases your stamina and energy, which improves your performance and also helps you focus on study.

When your body is healthy, the mind will also be healthy and the physical and mental benefits of exercise can set you up for the future of success. We only live once, so why not make this life the best?

God has given us only one life and how to make our life healthy and happy; it’s in our hands.

So gear-up teens, start your exercise from today to make your life fit and healthy.