Top 7 Advantages of Co-Education in India

Top 7 Advantages of Co-Education in India

The Education System plays a very crucial role in making a country civilized and developed. A proper education system helps make this world a beautiful place to thrive. The education system is the one that helps to identify the value of a nation. The nation is said to be well-developed if it has a great education system. 

The education system guides you in uplifting the thinking of an individual. It is the one that guides an individual to work with other beings. This system instructs an individual to treat gender with equality, mutually respecting each other and understanding the view and opinions of other individuals

Gender equality is reflected in the education system by implementing the Co-Education system in India. This education system teaches boys and girls together under the same roof. Co-Education comprises 2 terms- Co, which means together & education means imparting knowledge. 

Together Co-Education is a system in which boys and girls are taught together. It is a practice where boys & girls were taught under the same roof as the school rather than having separate schools for boys and girls. 

There were some shreds of evidence, too, which portrays that co-education was used at some places in ancient India. But with time, education for women was ignored. In the medieval period, lower-class students and women were not allowed to attend any school or study any scripture. Rather they were entitled to receive education only to a definite age, after which their education was stopped.

There used to be discrimination concerning the subject taught in school Girls were taught things that were more relevant to their roles, like homemakers, while boys were taught subjects that could help them to trade and enhance their skills for the bread-earning. 

Raja Ram Mohan Roy, the great social reformer, fought against this practice and succeeded in this mission. Now, co-education is more prevalent in India & almost all the countries of the world. 

After some certain stage of life, men and women have to survive together with each other in marriage or the workplace & for that, they need to know how to blend. This Co-education plays an important role in this, and it has been practiced in schools, colleges, and universities. 

Advantages of Co-Education System in India

1. Mutual Understanding & Respect

Co-education system is a system in which both males & females can study together, and through this, there can be a better scope of developing understanding between each other. This also leads to the use of an environment where they can work together. Through this, they don’t feel shy or hesitant in each other’s company, they can learn ways to respect each other, and they can develop an ability to accept each other as they are

2. Psychological Benefits 

Co-education can be considered a blessing for girls, especially in a developing country like India. When girls are studied together with boys in the co-education system, then they are psychologically cured of self-defeatism and self-created pessimism.

3. Increases The Confidence Level

When girls and boys are allowed to study together under the same roof, then their confidence level also gets boosted up & their personality also gets groomed. There used to be developed confidence in the basic stage, which helped them to perform well and they can also bag good jobs.

4. Healthy Competition & Friendship

This is the most important advantage of the Co-education system. There will be a feeling of healthy competition and camaraderie among them. Each one will try to prove themselves, and as a result, boys will not indulge themselves in teaching-like activities. You can say that there will be an all-round development of each other’s personality.

5. Optimistic Approach

With the co-education system, there can be the development of an optimistic approach among the students as, generally, they are accustomed to passing co-education life. They start trusting each other by removing the doubts and mistrust that hurt human health and relationship. 

This optimistic approach which gets developed among them puts positive and beneficial effects on their lives and others' lives too. 

6. Brainstorming

Co-education system creates a passion for brainstorming, which is an integral part of solving or settling any issue. The issue tends to get resolved when 2 brains of the opposite sex work together on that issue. 

7. Economy

Co-education system is important in the context of an economy, too, as it can save millions of rupees as no separate schools, colleges, and universities are required to be established for women. The fee structure of the co-education system is comparatively low. 


Boys and girls both need to put effort & energy into rebuilding the shattered social and economic order of the country. Co-education is immensely beneficial to girls, and we must promote this type of education system.