Make These 5 Decisions By The Age Of 30-35

Make These 5 Decisions By The Age Of 30-35

When we start doing the job, we openly express our happiness. Some years we just keep buying things like dresses, shoes, perfumes, watches etc., watch movies, and treat friends in restaurants, buy all the comforts of home. If we do all this for 1-2 years, it is fine, but if it has become our habit, then it needs to be changed. Remember one thing; it is not worth to spend unnecessarily on the assuredness of a job. Because you have a job today, but maybe not tomorrow. Anything can happen.

It may also happen that someone suddenly falls ill in your family and all the parents' savings are over. For example, due to today’s pandemic situation (COVID-19), many people lost their jobs, business came to a standstill, had to stay for several months without income, so there was a problem in running the household's routine expenses. Only for such time, we should keep saving as much as possible. It would be better to start planning. Otherwise, there is nothing but regret later.

1. Make Plans to Buy Your Own House

Yes, many of you may feel that our father had built his own house till the time of retirement, so what do we need to think from now? But you have to understand that the era has changed. The sooner you get your own house, the better for you. Own house is a great investment. Then even if you rent that house and stay with your parents, but a permanent income will start, which will help at home. You can buy your own house by taking a loan and with the rent amount received, you can repay the loan installment, in a way your tenant is paying your loan installment and after a few years, you will be the owner of that house. It is not that boys should plan for their own house only. It is also a good idea for girls. They also should not spend their hard-earned money only on shopping and save that money and plan to buy your own house. This will definitely work for you in the future. You will be proud of yourself when you can secure such a big thing for yourself.

2. Think of Saving

Whenever salary comes, make a habit of saving some amount from it. This habit will be very beneficial for you later. In a few years, you will find that you have set aside lakhs of rupees very easily. It would be better to have separate savings account for this. Try not to spend that amount. Even in small problems, keep that savings separate. If your salary is not much, you should keep a piggy bank at home and try to save as much as possible from the salary. This will also be a good option for savings. 

3. Buy an Insurance Policy

Although there are a lot of insurance companies in the market, it is better that you don't get confused and buy a good insurance policy, as per your need. For this, search online content. Take advice from two to three different agents, and then decide which policy is better for you.

4. Avoid Buying Things on Installments

Nowadays youngsters want to buy everything immediately because they are getting the option to buy things on installments. Cars, bikes, fridge, TVs, mobiles, buy everything on installments. And after receiving the salary, more than half the amount goes into the installment, then they realize the mistake. Therefore, it is better to avoid buying things in installments under greed. Do not think that you do not have to pay for all the money together now. We have to repay it in easy installments. In this thinking, we forget one thing that we are paying interest with easy installments. This ignorance of yours can cause you great loss. The youth are advised to avoid this habit, especially do not take personal loans.

5. Get Married in a Simple Way

Designer Lehenga by Manish Malhotra, heavy gold jewellery, Sherwani with goldwork, wedding planner, theme wedding, variety of food items in wedding, Haldi-Mehndi Sangeet ceremony, and all kinds of fun. This is the dream of every Indian bride and groom. Many even get married like this but often people regret later that they took such a costly Lehenga. There is no chance of wearing it again. The same condition is for the groom's Sherwani. There were so many different types of functions that cost a lot. Invited even those people who had not seen for years, there was no conversation. It would be better to get married only in a simple way and rather invest this amount in a better option.